Supporting a Clean Energy Transition
March 4
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Supporting a Clean Energy Transition

How does your company put passion into action? Protecting the environment and working toward climate solutions is part of MAYO’s mission as a purpose-driven company, and while we believe doing what we can day-to-day is helpful in achieving these goals, big change means thinking bigger.

One of the biggest challenges our planet faces is reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emission. There’s no single path to get there–solutions will require a collection of efforts, innovations and ideas. Part of that journey must include making a transition to clean energy.

As with any big problem, working toward change can feel overwhelming. To make the work feel more manageable, we’ve put together this list of five ways you can support a clean energy transition:

Consume Less. Use Less.

For all the advancements in clean energy development, there is still a long way to go to get us to a sustainable, low-carbon world. In many places, fossil fuels remain the primary resource for generating electricity and it’s certainly the main fuel used for getting things around. As we do the work to lessen our fossil fuel use in the future, we also need to find ways that lessen our use today.

The easiest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to consume less and produce less waste. While the personal impact of an individual is small, acts like composting, biking to work, and installing solar panels are positive steps toward a cleaner future.

Support Building Clean Energy Locally

According to the Pew Research Center, 75% of Americans believe the federal government should encourage wind and solar power production and that 4 in 10 have seriously considered installing solar panels at their home.

These stats indicate wide-spread support for solar, yet when it comes to solar development on the local level, homeowners and community solar organizations have run into resistance. The concerns range from environmental to impacting the view. In some places zoning laws are causing delays and added expense to important clean energy projects.

To make it easier to build residential and commercial solar, talk to your town officials about what the zoning laws say. If the zoning is anti-solar, ask local leaders about how to change it. Connect with clean energy advocates or the local conservation commission to build support. Have conversations with friends and neighbors about the benefits of solar. Sometimes change just takes getting the conversation started.

Reach Out to Leaders

On the state and federal level, elected officials often propose legislation to encourage–or limit–the growth of clean energy. Head online to research pending bills. Talk to your local Sierra Club chapter or other environmental organization about how you can join their efforts to lobby legislators.

Politicians need to know that people have their support, especially when it comes to controversial topics. Reaching out to elected officials about your support for clean energy projects can help.

Support Clean Energy Projects

Just like on the local level, large-scale clean energy projects and the transmission systems required to get energy to population centers can be contentious. Research shows people are often more motivated to take action when they oppose something, so often voices at public hearings and in the news are skewed negative.

If you hear of a clean energy project in your area, consider speaking publicly about your support. It not only highlights the benefits of the projects, it encourages other supporters to speak out too, ultimately helping decision makers know there truly is support for new clean energy projects.

Support Environmentally-Friendly Businesses

Many businesses today are motivated to do good, not only because it’s the right choice, but consumers are drawn to companies that share their values, too.

If making the clean energy transition is a priority for you or your business, it helps to support businesses aligned with these values. Programs like B Corp and 1% for the Planet make it easy to find like-minded businesses. In turn, they provide a way to hold companies who want to do more and be better accountable. Why not send them your love?

If you happen to be an environmentally-friendly business or a Certified B Corp, know that consumers are looking for companies like yours. Why not highlight the work you’re doing, by calculating the tons of CO2 you’re reducing annually with your fuel-saving efforts or feature a local environmental steward as a role model for your company.

At MAYO, we’ve worked with a number of companies on their environmental messaging, ensuring it’s accurate, accountable and authentic. After all, supporting environmentally-friendly businesses is something we don’t just recommend, but do each day.

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