5 Proven Quick and Easy Solar Marketing Strategies
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5 Proven Quick and Easy Solar Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital marketing landscape, there are countless ways to promote your solar installation company online, from social media to Google My Business to search ads. As many solar companies know, some of them require more effort and time than others.

The best approach to marketing is having a comprehensive, long-term strategy, however, we also know companies sometimes need quick wins too. In this post, we’ll discuss five quick and easy solar marketing ideas that you can start implementing today for a boost to your business.

1. Add a Blog to Your Website
You’re probably thinking, “Wait. They said quick and easy right? Writing blog content is neither of those!

We hear you, but bear with us for a minute.

One of the most effective ways to improve your digital marketing is to improve search engine optimization (SEO). While this is a long game, we have clients that have seen sizable year-over-year web traffic gains by building out their website with useful content. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a blog to your website.

A blog is an excellent tool for building trust and educating potential customers about the benefits of solar energy. It’s also an opportunity to showcase your expertise in your field, share latest news and industry updates, and explain why your services are the best.

The key here is to consistently provide valuable, helpful content to your customers. It not only gives your website a traffic boost, it establishes trust and positions you as a go-to resource for anyone seeking information about solar energy and installation.

Need ideas on how to build out your solar blog? Check out our post “How to Answer Common Questions About Solar Panels” for inspiration.

2. Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO, such as including online information that tells search engines about the areas you operate in, is crucial for solar installation companies. Start with including your address in the website footer. Include your location in your website’s meta descriptions and title tags, as well. Then review your home page and service page headlines. Can you use these to indicate which areas you service?

For example, Ecohouse Solar in the Columbus, Ohio area is ranking in the top spots for a number of local SEO keywords, thanks in part to its website content. Notice how it’s clear exactly who and where they service? Taking the time to include this information will help you show higher on search results pages for solar installation services in your area.

Map of Columbus Ohio showing where Ecohouse Solar provides service


3. Invest in Paid Social Media Advertising

When looking for quick wins, paid social media can get you results. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are fertile ground for solar marketing. They offer a wide range of targeting options that allow you to reach potential customers accurately and fairly inexpensively. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and reach people who are interested in solar energy and its benefits, social media ads can be a great option.

To ensure you get the best return on your investment, take the time to create a landing page that is focused on converting your target audience. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting clicks but few new leads.

Let’s walk through an example:

Say you’re trying to target first-time homeowners. You’ll likely create an ad with an image of a young couple standing in front of a home, maybe with a child in their arms, with ad text that says something like, “New homeowner? Learn why solar is a lasting investment worth making.”

Once they click the ad, they land on a new page of your website only visible via this link. On the page, they see similar images of younger people, a little text touting the return on investment for solar installations and a form to get in touch with sales. That’s it! For companies that use WordPress or a similar content management system, building your landing page can often be done in a day.

Remember, this ad landing page should be specifically catered to first-time homeowners, not baby boomers or empty nesters or commercial real estate owners. When it comes time to run an ad targeted at a different audience, create a page just for them, too.

Looking for more examples? Check out our post, “Marketing for Solar Companies: 5 Examples.”

4. Offer Referral Incentives

Word-of-mouth marketing is still a powerful way to attract customers. Offering referral incentives to your existing customers is a great way to encourage them to refer their friends and family to your business. You can offer them a discount on their annual maintenance or a gift card to thank them for their referrals.

If you’re not able to offer incentives, think about creating a Google review program. After the installation is complete, email the customer asking for a Google review. Let them know you value their feedback and want to know how you did. It’s a low-effort way to build your extremely valuable Google Business rating.

5. Offer a Free Solar Panel Assessment

Whether it’s a home visit, a solar tax credit calculator, or an online tool they can use to calculate energy savings, free assessments are a great way to provide value and generate high-quality leads.

This is also an opportunity to showcase your expertise, explain how solar works, and provide personalized recommendations. By providing a free assessment, you can build trust, create a positive connection with the customer, and improve your chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

Putting Ideas into Action

There are plenty of solar marketing ideas out there to improve your online presence and attract more customers to your business; hopefully you find these easy to implement for a quick marketing boost.

Remember, these tactics work best when you’re consistent and take the time to measure your results to see what’s working and what’s not. Doing so will help you build a strong online presence that helps you grow your solar installation company.

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