Waste isn’t acceptable… whether it be your marketing budget or the planet.

We’ve built a team dedicated to conquering both.

To transform the business world into a catalyst for sustainable development, we must ensure profit, people, and the planet thrive.

meet team mayo

Our aMAYOzing Team

Carrie Mayo

Founder / Creative Director


Taylor Keith

Director of Operations / Account Director


Jacqui Lewis

Marketing Strategist / Account Director


Sophie Smith

Marketing Coordinator


Karen Bergeron

Billing & Receiving


Claudia Lopez

Sr. Graphic Designer


Randy Rodrigues

Director of Technology


Barrie Hanlon

Brand Strategist


Beth LaMontagne Hall

Content Strategist


Kevin Eigel

Solar Expert


For over 20 years…

…we’ve helped clients grow, innovate, and build inspired teams through the lens of social and environmental sustainability.

By minimizing waste across your organization, from operations to marketing, our team turns complex challenges into simple solutions.

The result: Increased revenue using fewer resources.

Core Values

using business as a force for good


MAYO Designs values environmental, social, and ethical practices both for today and the future. By aligning business, community, education and technology we are committed to reducing our waste and carbon footprint. Each day we embrace, and aim to encourage the change for a more sustainable future.

Meaningful Work

Working on projects that make the world a better place is our motivation. When you do good, we want to help you scream it from the mountain top (humbly and authentically of course), so the world knows the positive impact that your products and/or services are making on our communities.


Compassion opens a space for great things to happen in all aspects of life. Because we care deeply for people and our planet, compassion is how we choose to operate. It makes room for creativity, appreciation, connectivity and trust within our team, and each of our client relationships.


Maintaining communication is a foundational value of MAYO Designs. It enables powerful collaboration and productivity, fuels innovation, and fosters improvement as individuals, and as a company. Effective communication has provided our team with a strong culture of teamwork and trust which translates to each of our client projects.

Lets access the data and tools you needed to fuel growth.