We are a digital marketing team for businesses that believe in
making the world a better place.

We invite you to partner with us to drive your impact with a team that knows your values and presents them effortlessly to your ideal clients.

We understand how challenging it can be to effectively scale your impact and see the results in your revenue when juggling so many moving parts while bringing green business products and services to the market. So, whether you’re working in relation to home renovations or with renewable energies, you need a strategy unique to your impact that continuously works towards your growth goals.

OUR MISSION: We’re committed to using business as a force for good and we're dedicated to working alongside sustainably conscious organizations to help educate and inspire the importance of protecting our planet throughout our communities.

OUR VISION: Our vision is for continuous involvement and contributions to the health of our planet within our communities, at individual and corporate levels.

 We focus on growing your business, building credibility, and positioning you as a thought leader in the industry.


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Marketing is OUR force for good and YOUR vision is our steering wheel.

Our team becomes a part of yours, bringing another tier of passion, purpose, and people to your messaging so you can stand out with credible brand attributes that people will remember and resonate with.

As a business focused on sustainability, you are competing with a diverse range of companies, whether they align with your green business efforts or not. We get it–there’s a lot of marketing noise out there as the industry continuously evolves with new approaches, strategies, and platforms that need attention in a chaotic marketplace.

Hone your force as a leading green business with a team built on over 19 years of experience delivering result-driven marketing strategies. We bring your work to the forefront so communities can come together and follow your lead.

Our core values explain, inform and guide everything we do...

We understand the challenges that come with such a heavy core value, and weave your impact into your audience’s story. Sustainability is in the foundation of our work–after all, there is no planet B.

In any relationship, empathy and clear expectations need to be established to build trust. That trust is what we’ve built our business on, in addition to gratitude and a passion for working with influential people and powerful projects. People are our priority.
Meaningful work
Working on projects that make the world a better place is what gets us up in the morning. We continue to evolve with the digital marketing world so we always have a leg up on what’s next for amplifying your story.
Clear communication and our detailed process is our recipe to success. It’s how we take your vision and implement actions that lead to impactful results. Innovation is one of the building blocks of our work. It shines through in every step of our process and growing your business.

Our team consists of hard working and passionate people.

Carrie Mayo
Founder / Creative Director

Randy Rodrigues
Director of Technology

Claudia Lopez
Senior Graphic Designer

Barrie Hanlon
Brand Strategist

Taylor O’Neil
Director of Operations / Account Director

Jacqui Lewis
Marketing Strategist / Account Director

Isaiah Singer
Digital Strategist / Account Director

Karen Bergeron
Billing & Receiving

Olivia Glick
Marketing Coordinator

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