Solar Marketing Solutions: Build A Better Pitch Deck
July 28
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Solar Marketing Solutions: Build A Better Pitch Deck

Are you using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Canva to create presentations for potential customers? We’ve heard from numerous clients these presentation tools are invaluable to their sales teams and that a strong pitch deck helps sales convert prospects into customers. It’s why customized presentation templates that align with branding are often part of a larger solar marketing solutions strategy.

Having developed and implemented several sales presentations for clients, below are five tips to create a deck that helps you stand out from your competitors and move prospects from consideration to close.

1. Start with a story

Studies show people are far more likely to remember your message if told in the form of a story so start your presentation with an eye-catching image, accompanied with an anecdote or example of how you’ve helped a similar client. Think about a time when your company was called in to fix a solar installation gone wrong or how your crew overcame an especially challenging project.

While ditching the title slide or putting it further into the presentation might seem unorthodox, it will certainly make your audience sit up and notice–and isn’t that what you want?

This approach is useful in holding attention, but also to your overall sales strategy. Presentations are often made at the consideration phase with prospects vetting multiple options. The best way to stand out is to connect your strongest points of difference with their needs and pain points. For example, if a prospect is concerned about service, build a story around things like your longevity in the market, top Google reviews and commitment to the local community – weaving in customer experiences to establish credibility and build trust.

2. Keep text light

When people are reading your slides, they aren’t listening to what you’re saying.

The visual aspects of a presentation should enhance what is being said – not repeat it. Fewer words and more visuals support the spoken word and ensure the audience is listening to you and not reading what’s on the screen. In addition, it allows you to better direct the conversation and pivot when needed to keep your focus on solving the prospect’s needs.”

Text on each slide should be no more than 2-30 words and focused on top-line talking points. Think of the key phrases you want the audience to remember, emphasize those with text, icons and images, then fill in the rest through conversation.

3. Use compelling images

Images are another great tool for sparking memory and helping drive home your message. Switch out bullet points and use icons instead to symbolize your key points. Consider a large stock image that helps tell your story or drive home an important message.

Most presentation apps today offer some stock image options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try free stock image services like Pexels and Unsplash.

Even better, use a high-quality photo taken by a team member. It not only gives your presentation an authentic feel, but if it includes staff, it will help create a human connection between your company and your prospects.

4. Keep it brief

Installing solar panels, whether on a home’s roof or as part of a community solar project, is a big decision. Our instinct is often to provide all the information someone could need to make this decision. Afterall, you want to be helpful (and show off that you know your stuff).

Unfortunately, these good intentions can sometimes backfire by overwhelming the audience with info, making the decision even harder to make.

Take a step back and instead focus on the most important details. Next, create an outline of your presentation that’s under 15 slides. Your audience–and your vocal chords–will thank you for it.

5. Gather feedback

The best way to get your solar marketing presentation from OK to wow is to collect honest opinions from trusted co-workers, customers and friends. Is there a section that’s confusing? Are there places where people were left wanting more information? What did people like?

As you get feedback, turn to people who aren’t afraid to be honest. Next, take your feedback and decide which changes to make. When you give the upgraded presentation, ask folks what they think. It may be a process that takes a few rounds, but it’s an effort that’s well worth it if it results in more sales.

Remember, you want to create a presentation that’s friendly, trustworthy and authentic and above all offers the information people need to decide on their solar installation. Creating content that follows these best practices and includes direct feedback from your audience will help you achieve these goals.

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