MAYO Designs is a digital marketing and branding company that works with
environmentally-friendly and conscious businesses.

Our goal is to help you match your impact with your brand positioning and brand messaging.

If you've never really been “the marketing” guy and are frustrated trying to analyze what comes first in your digital marketing strategy, we get it. There's a lot to consider, especially when your company values need to be embedded in every step of your customer’s journey, your visual elements, and content. Here's where the fun part comes in...

We'll help you align your vision and values with a credible online brand presence that speaks directly to your audience. Our digital marketing and branding services encompass every piece of the marketing puzzle so we can bring your complete masterpiece to the right clients.

Web Services

Web Design and Development

Presentation is everything; we design beautiful and consistent websites aimed to connect your target audience to your brand. Focusing on converting visitors into customers, we work with you to establish a strong digital presence that meets your needs. If you feel like you’re constantly working on your website, reach out to us to get your web presence where you want it to be.

ADA Compliance

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) states that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Our web accessibility solution is a fully automated AI-powered accessibility technology that complies with the WCAG 2.1 and keeps your website accessible at all times. View more about this offering here.

Marketing Services

Marketing Roadmap

Approaching a full marketing strategy is the fun part. This is when we put your vision into a detailed plan. Once we have a grasp on who you are, strategies you have in place and how we can best leverage the digital world for your organization, we outline next steps and create a plan. Then, we put action behind the plan.

Marketing as a Service

Whatever your marketing need is, our team of passionate individuals has you covered. Starting with a thorough discovery process, we will help ensure that who you are on the inside matches what you show on the outside. We’ll do this by tackling some key tasks that will help establish your overall voice and messaging which will translate into all of your marketing efforts.


We pride ourselves in providing a compass to strategically position any brand within their market. Strong brands are thoroughly conceptualized, with strategic plans that increase the value to help companies break free from the status quo. Whether it's creating a new logo and brand or establishing consistency throughout your current material, MAYO is your compass.

Hosting Services

Hosting & Website Maintenance

MAYO's maintenance services ensure your site stay protected, updated, secured and running, 24/7. WordPress, themes, and plugins will be updated as needed, plugin conflicts will be resolved, site back-ups will be completed daily, and your site will be monitored at all times. We will confirm all actions we take on a monthly basis through a detailed site performance report.

Back-end Assessment and Action Report

Our team of well versed and skilled developers will perform an all inclusive back-end performance audit reviewing the structure of your site in addition to the front facing functionality. Following our assessment, we'll create a road map of our suggestions to ensure your site is updated, secured, and appropriately looked after.