Aiming to make our world a better place.

Built on the passion and commitment of a more sustainable future, MAYO Designs actively gives back. By lending, donating and volunteering, we stand behind and support organizations that have a sustainable cause. We have a strong desire to share our passion of giving back and we strive for a sustainable life. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to recognize the impact they can have on our world and community. Check out the organizations that MAYO supports. Click on the logos below to learn more about each group/organization.

Taking the philosophy into our work environment

Recycled materials

Instead of throwing out old machines, we put them to use. Used electronics all have the capability of being brought back to life, and we thrive on utilizing these machines to get our work done. Through these used electronics, we eliminate the need for paper in many cases by using the cloud to keep communication constant and information in one place.

Flexible office

To limit waste of resources and conserve energy, we share an office space with one of our partners. Sharing an office also creates a stronger relationship with this partner and allows us to communicate seamlessly on a daily basis.

Sustainable lifestyles

Instead of making the commute everyday, we encourage our team to work from home a few times a week. This helps limit our carbon footprint on the planet by staying out of our cars. In addition, a majority of our meetings are done through video to save the long commute. We pride ourselves in living with sustainable values and spreading the word about them to those in our network.