Aiming to make our world a better place.

Built on the passion and commitment of a more sustainable future, MAYO Designs actively gives back. By lending, donating and volunteering, we stand behind and support organizations that have a sustainable cause. We have a strong desire to share our passion of giving back and we strive for a sustainable life. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to recognize the impact they can have on our world and community. Check out the organizations that MAYO supports.

Because of our clients and their commitment to us, we are able to give back to our world. Every month, we join 1.7 million others in lending to this international non-profit organization. Kiva inspires to change the identity of the world by helping create opportunities for people and communities in need.

Sustainable Seacoast's mission is to eliminate single-use plastics in the Seacoast’s restaurant industry. They offer a Patron Membership to create exposure to these issues, offer discounts at participating restaurants, and invitations to their events. As a supporter of their mission, we offer the Patron Membership to one of our clients each month.

Every month, MAYO donates to Environmental Maine. They work to combine independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to achieve real results for the community of Maine. We are proud to help them work to keep Maine’s air clean and to support local agriculture.

Every month, MAYO donates to the Pachamama Alliance. The donations are used to protect indigenous lands and allow the organization to share their educational programs with people who are ready to take bold, effective action in the world.

sustainable marketing

Our passion for protecting the environment has led us to serving the clients that we've always dreamed of working with. Now, it's allowing us to donate $15/month to Tree Sisters. Every time we donate $15, 33 new trees are planted. Planting trees helps take the carbon out of the atmosphere and mitigates the impacts of climate change.


Over the years, MAYO Designs has participated and organized events for numerous clients. Whether we are donating time, knowledge, or materials, we’re eager to lend a helping hand. This is not only a great chance for us to provide support, but it also allows us to learn, stay involved in the community, and continue to be an extension of our client’s team.


Families in need
Each year, our team looks forward to the holiday season because we get to help families in need. We do this by partnering with a local organization to adopt a family, or donate to a school for the holidays. Being able to impact others’ lives positively not only makes us feel good, but it helps spread the camaraderie aspect that the MAYO Designs team cares so much about.

Flexible work space, office equipment & work from home philosophy

Recycled materials

Instead of throwing out old machines, we put them to use. Used electronics all have the capability of being brought back to life, and we thrive on utilizing these machines to get our work done. Through these used electronics, we eliminate the need for paper in many cases by using the cloud to keep communication constant and information in one place.

Flexible office

To limit waste of resources and conserve energy, we share an office space with one of our partners. Sharing an office also creates a stronger relationship with this partner and allows us to communicate seamlessly on a daily basis.

Sustainable lifestyles

Instead of making the commute everyday, we encourage our team to work from home a few times a week. This helps limit our carbon footprint on the planet by staying out of our cars. In addition, a majority of our meetings are done through video to save the long commute. We pride ourselves in living with sustainable values and spreading the word about them to those in our network.