We don’t just help you walk the walk, we march along with you.

We aim to involve and positively impact our seacoast community. Twice a year, we host beach clean ups at our neighboring public beaches. Our clean ups are open to the public but we have a specific goal of involving schools so we can continue to introduce sustainability to our younger generations. Our clean ups provide the perfect opportunity for local citizens to get involved and make a difference.

We have also planned and hosted a Sustainable Environment Summit (SES) in Portsmouth, NH. SES was a day of inspiration, education and empowerment for our community, highlighting the importance of sustainability. Through powerful, interactive presentations, we explored the current challenges facing humanity, as well as the opportunities we have to create a new future. Local organizations such as Sustainable Seacoast, Revision Energy, and Express Electronics joined us to share their stories and commitment to sustainability.

We're committed to the act of giving back.

Built on the passion and commitment of a more sustainable future, MAYO Designs actively gives back. By lending, donating and volunteering, we stand behind and support organizations in our community that have a sustainable cause.

We support the following organizations:

We love working with impactful organizations.

Our passion for purpose, people, and the planet pushes us to continuously learn, grow, and gain new experiences. We do this as a team by working with organizations that also believe in using business as a force for good.

We are currently a part of the following organizations:

Through our Green America membership, we receive the tools, the information, and the consumer base that helps us thrive in today's competitive green marketplace. We're currently going through the process to receive our green certification.

As a member of the California Solar & Storage Association we are given the latest market trends and industry developments, we have access to policy committees and a variety of tools and resources from policy experts.

As a certified Green Business Bureau (GBB) member, MAYO is a trusted authority in green business. We understand, prioritize, and implement green initiatives and business practices. Check out our GBB profile here.
New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility convenes, inspires and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all.

We are involved in the Portsmouth, NH Mayor's Blue Ribbon on Sustainable Practices Committee, in which members collectively look at how we can work to overcome sustainable challenges in the area.

MAYO sits on the York Ready for 100% committee and helps to form subcommittees and community initiatives, including WRAD (Waste Reduction and Diversion), composting, and everyday actions that individuals can do to reduce their impact.

350 Maine is a grassroots movement dedicated to fighting for climate justice. MAYO is a member committed to a healthy, sustainable life for all people and the planet so we are proud to be a part of 350 Maine to stand up for climate justice.

The Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect the ocean, waves, and beaches. MAYO has joined The Surfrider network to help defend our coast. We also work with them directly when we host local beach clean ups.

We have joined the Pachamama Alliance (global community) to learn, connect, engage and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future. We have also aligned our financial resources with our values and vision for the world by donating to Pachamama each month.

We were fortunate enough to be welcomed into the Top Gun program in 2019. This consisted of 15-weeks of hands-on mentoring with high-impact weekly gatherings. This program gave us powerful insight into growing a business and achieving long-term success.

MAYO has been a member of UGURUS since 2018. This program helps digital agencies achieve freedom by mastering their business through training, coaching, and community support.

We're driven to work alongside environmentally conscious companies that cultivate and
make a difference in their communities. If this is you, reach out to us, we want to chat!