Importance Of Word Of Mouth Marketing
October 16
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Importance Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

When it comes to marketing tools, most business owners stop at analytics, quantitative reports, scores, and numbers. But what most tend to forget is that emotions are just as important as numbers. How you make people feel and the overall impression your brand leaves can ponder more than any highly specialized tool. This is otherwise known as word of mouth marketing.

Just as H. Jackson Brown said…“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

We’re not saying that you should stop monitoring your performance or invest in sophisticated tools. But you shouldn’t ignore the free forms of promotion either. We’re talking about word of mouth, an organic way of putting your business in front of the right people and build brand awareness.

Here is why word of mouth marketing (WOMM) could be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.

Why Is WOMM So Impactful

According to MANY different studies (Forbes, Nielsen), consumers trust their friends, family, co-workers or neighbors more than they trust other forms of advertising. The question is: how can you leverage this enormous potential and persuade your customers to recommend you to their network?

Try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and identify what will make them tell others about your business. More often than not, it has to do with how you’ve made them feel. Let’s say a prospect had a difficult time finding the right product for their needs and budget and your customer service was helpful and involved in the process. That customer might build a positive association with your brand. Let’s also say that you personalize every order with something that is unique to the customer. If this is the case, the chances that they will tell others about your excellent customer service will increase significantly.

The beauty of WOMM is that you don’t have to invest heavily to see results. It’s the small things that add to a positive brand impression, such as great deals, perks, and respect. From there, it’s up to the consumers to spread the message.

Benefits Of WOMM

Not only is it organic and practically free, but word of mouth marketing also has the benefit of continuity. It incorporates a snowball effect, building on the impressions people share about your brand. And, the more customers talk about you, the higher your reach.

Another thing that makes word of mouth such an excellent marketing tool is that it allows you to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. It embodies their emotions and desires to showcase how they feel about your brand. Knowing how your customers perceive you is a valuable asset in building an effective marketing strategy.

How Can You Use WOMM Successfully? Think about the three E’s when looking for ways to increase word of mouth.

  • Engage – Start conversations with your audience and listen to what they have to say. Share content that fits your customers and encourages them to create stories together.
  • Equip – Give your customers opportunities to talk about your brand. Launch new ideas, make your products stand out and try to provide excellent client service. Think outside the box and surprise your customers from time to time.
  • Empower – Encourage your customers to share their stories by providing them with an easy, accessible way to interact. Create a Facebook page so they can leave reviews and comments. Use hashtags, symbols, nicknames, contests and other ways to become part of the culture.

It’s all about thinking and feeling human – your brand should be accessible, friendly and interesting enough to bring up in a conversation.

Although more cost-effective than other marketing strategies, word of mouth is not always easy to implement and build. You can’t expect to offer a few gifts to your customers and have the entire world talking about you. You need a consistent plan in place that will naturally lead into WOMM.

For more information about how you can ramp up WOMM for your business, contact us today.

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