Guarantee & Protection Policies

WP Engine

MAYO Designs hosts our websites on dedicated virtual servers at WP Engine. WP Engine delivers a full spectrum of hosting solutions, each with remarkable performance, convenient management, and live, US-based experts we can talk to anytime.

Uptime Guarantee

WP Engine will make the Services available 99.95% of the time, excluding any Excused Downtime. Uptime is defined as servers having power, connectivity to the Internet, and being responsive to a ping. Excused Downtime” means the length of time the Services are unavailable due to:

  • Scheduled Maintenance;
  • Emergency Maintenance;
  • Beta Services;
  • Force Majeure events; and
  • the actions or omissions of you, your Authorized Users, or any third-party acting on your behalf or at your direction, including any unauthorized use of the Services, breach of the Agreement or Acceptable Use Policy, or any use or configuration of the Services that exceeds WP Engine’s recommendations or advertised limits.

“Scheduled Maintenance” includes any maintenance performed during the following windows or for which we provide reasonable notice or coordination with you in advance of the maintenance.



In the event that downtime exceeds 20 minutes in a particular month (as solely determined by us), you may request a credit of 20% of your monthly hosting fee for that month for each 20 minutes of downtime, up to a maximum credit of 100% of your monthly hosting fee. You are responsible for reporting a downtime event and must request a credit within five (5) days of experiencing a downtime event.

Credit is forfeited if your service is terminated. Credit has no cash value and cannot be converted to refunds. Credit may be used only for the purchase of further products and services, and is exclusive of any applicable taxes. Credit is your sole remedy for any downtime experienced.



Overnight Prints

Overnight Prints guarantees your satisfaction, or we will gladly reprint your order or provide compensation. Overnight Prints is proud of its products and we know that you will be just as proud to pass them out, mail them, or use them to represent your business. It is that reason that allows us to offer a satisfaction guarantee. We use the thickest stock in the industry along with the highest level of CMYK printing available to the general public.

On the off chance you are not satisfied with your product, contact our Customer Care department either by phone 714.838.8888 or email [email protected] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please be aware that due to the nature of four-color (CMYK) printing, we cannot print every color available on a computer monitor. Monitors show colors in RGB format while printing uses CMYK colors. Many of the colors you see on your monitor do not exist in printed color. By designing in CMYK colors, your colors are more likely to print to your satisfaction. We do not color match; instead, we offer the industry standard in “pleasing color” and will make any reasonable adjustments to help correct submitted files. If Overnight Prints cannot correct the file or reprint to “pleasing color” standards, then we will issue an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and determine compensation once the product is returned.

While Overnight Prints takes every precaution to make sure there are no errors on your products, we do not check for spelling or grammar, nor do we censor. We hope you have a wonderful experience with our website and our products are everything you are looking for, however we understand sometimes errors occur by either us or you.

Overnight Prints is responsible for improper cutting, color drift, printing delays, and printing quality. The customer is responsible for files without full bleed or with incorrect color selection, incorrect resolution, incorrect file dimensions, visible crop marks, incorrect card orientation, and spelling or grammar errors. These errors are not a valid reason for reprint or compensation and are not covered by this guarantee.

You can always send your file in to our File Help department if you are unable to correct these issues yourself, a complimentary service offered by Overnight Prints. This is especially beneficial for those customers uploading their files as often simple mistakes are made that could deem your product uncovered by this guarantee. Our Customer Care team and our File Help team are ready and waiting to help you with your files, place an order and track your package to your door.

Please read the Terms Of Service before ordering as it may help answer any questions you might have, and our guarantee is governed by the Terms of Service. Before Printing it may be beneficial to read some of our guides. Below are links to useful information.