Sustainable Environment Summit

MAYO Designs held our first sustainable event on October 8th, 2018! This was a day of inspiration, education and empowerment for our community, highlighting the importance of sustainability. Through a powerful, interactive presentation called “Awakening the Dreamer", we explored the challenges facing humanity at this moment in time, as well as the opportunities we have as a human family to create a new future.

At this event, we were able to:
• Learn where we are as a human family and how we got here.
• Find optimism in discovering each of our roles in creating a sustainable future.
• Connect with like-minded, openhearted people and move into action.
• Provide each attendee with alternative product suggestions and practices they can utilize to live a more sustainable life.

Click the handout to see alternative practices

Interactive Session 1 Overview
Our goal for this event was to to promote awareness about the current state of our being by transforming environmental and social knowledge into continuous sustainable practices in our everyday lives. We wanted to awaken individuals to tap into their unlimited potential by Thinking Globally and Acting Locally!

Carrie Mayo, our lead presenter, led all attendees through a transformative experience. She allowed participants to explore the core aspects of our societal condition through facilitated interaction and engaging audio-visual elements. We discussed topics as important as the current state of the Earth’s biodiversity and the reality of the socio-economic disparity throughout the world. After becoming aware of the consequences that stem from humanity’s current relationship with the Earth, Carrie allowed us to examine how we arrived at this point. Each individual was given the opportunity to discover the unique stand that they wish to take for a more just, sustainable, and fulfilling world. Co-presenter Bill Cuff, founder of the Seacoast Organization UP (Unlimited Possibilities), led the group in various activities giving the chance for all to share their concerns about the state of the world with like-minded members of the local community, and offer support to each other in taking steps to affect the changes that we all wish to see.

The material for this event stems from the Pachamama Alliance, who works to generate widespread awakening at the grassroots level and a transformation of our worldview, such that humanity becomes committed to restoring and protecting the environment and moves towards social justice.

Interactive Session 2 Overview

Keith Tharp at Sustainable Seacoast was in attendance to speak about his story. Him and his wife started as two individuals passionate about living more sustainably in their lives. Before they knew it, they had started Sustainable Seacoast, a non-profit organization that continues to pave the way for restaurants to eliminate single-use plastic. Keith was able to encourage everybody to go the extra mile to rethink the disposal of items, as well as how we can help restaurants around us become a part of the reusable & sustainable movement.

Phil Coupe at Revision Energy came along to speak about the possibilities in the alternative energy industry. This B Corp recently achieved a rank of #15 of all residential solar installers, #5 of all rooftop solar installers, and placed #1 among all rooftop solar installers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Revision is confident in the progress our country has made in utilizing solar energy, as well as the cost effective solutions it provides. Phil left us all feeling optimistic about our world taking advantage of the eco-friendly solar energy solution that truly could save our planet.

Sean Rooney at Express Electronics shed light on the recycling of electronics. His organization focuses on breaking down and recycling the materials of any device or appliance that some consumers and businesses might think is trash. Sean spoke of his organization's passion for proper recycling habits, while not only encouraging all attendees to dispose of materials properly, but to do the research and/or contact him directly to find the answers to any uncertainties anyone may have about eco-friendly disposables.

We wanted to inspire people towards sustainability by empowering them to make changes in their lives and communities. We focused on the fact that the time is now to wake up and join those committed to realizing a human presence on this planet exists in equilibrium, rather than imbalance, with Mother Earth. Attendees were able to leave the Symposium feeling optimistic, empowered, and inspired to help create a reality for humanity.

Great Work
The GREAT WORK of our time is to carry out the transition from (today’s world) where humans are a tremendously destructive presence on the Earth, to (tomorrow’s world) in which the human presence is beneficial to the planet.

This shift – from an industrial civilization to an ecological civilization – will require a fundamental transformation at both an individual and collective level – a virtual reinvention of what we consider the role of human beings to be. Step by step, each individual action can pave the way for the collective transformation.

“The Summit is our first step together in understanding and joining the GREAT WORK of our time.” - Team MAYO

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” - Neil Armstrong