Tips To Creating A Digital Content Strategy
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Tips To Creating A Digital Content Strategy

Content creation is essential to the growth of your business. Many companies think that a good content strategy is one that directly sells a product or service. In fact, a good content strategy is one that demonstrates who you are and what you can bring to the table in your industry. The intent of your content should be to inform and educate your target audience on how you can help solve the problems they’re having.

Content not only helps consumers understand the values of an organization, it also sets expectations of the brands they interact with. When someone is in the buying decision process, chances are they will research different brands before making their final decision. Effective content marketing allows for this research to be easy, enabling consumers to connect with your company right off the bat without having to do too much digging.

Videos, blogs, case studies, and social media posts are all considered to be forms of content marketing. The reason these have become so valuable is because consumers appreciate the different forms – while one might prefer to read a blog article, another might prefer to watch a video. Content marketing coveys a demonstration of who you are and what your organization cares about in attempt to resonate with your target customer.

Now that you know what content marketing consists of, you may now be wondering how to actually build a successful digital content strategy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help:

Step 1) Define Your Goal

  • Of course the end goal is to engage consumers enough so they eventually want to buy from you; however, we’re not suggesting you create content solely to promote your offerings. We’re suggesting you create content that stimulates interest in your product/service. In order to do this:
    • We want you to educate, inform, inspire and entertain your audience.
    • Focus on content that poses a problem that your product/service solves, that you know your audience has. What are you there for? Delivering them the solution!
    • It helps to show consumers that you’re a thought leader in your industry.

Step 2) Identify Which Type Of Content Pieces You’d Like To Get In The Habit Of Creating

  • This can be a gradual process, with room for growth and improvement over time.
    • Consider “How-to” guides, newsletters, “10 ways to”, FAQ’s, checklists, “common mistakes with”, etc.
    • Look deeper into the customers you want to reach. Try to find what resonates with them the most, and highlight this.
    • Keep in mind all of the ways you can display this content:
      • Blog articles
      • Ebooks
      • Videos
      • Testimonials
      • Company announcements
      • Infographics

Step 3) Create The Content

  • Who’s creating the content? Will this role be internal? Maybe a 3rd party writer?
    • Outline a list of topics & create content ahead of time so you’re not rushing when the time comes to post online.
      • Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of your posts should be educational, informative or entertaining. 20% should be sales or self-promotion.

Step 4) Manage Your Strategy

  • Who’s managing it? You can use a Content Management System – there are platforms for this.
    • Create a content calendar – get into a cadence of posting and stick to it! Consistency is key.

Step 5) Share, Share, Share!

  • Once your content strategy is defined and outlined, it’s time to start utilizing social media so you can get your message out there…

How do you decide which social media platforms are right for you? Check out our next article.

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