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Reach more customers with social media.

New federal government initiatives aim to cut the cost of installing rooftop solar panels by 26%, a move that industry experts expect will further adoption of solar energy in the coming year. Social media can help solar companies reach the new customers that will drive this growth. When it’s effective, social media builds community and connects with people emotionally, helping build that important trust factor people look for when hiring a solar installation company. Too often the content solar companies post doesn’t align with these goals.

Our guide “Strengthen Your Solar Business with Social Media” gives you actionable ideas that will transform your feed into a tool for increasing awareness and engagement. Get beyond photos of solar panels on roofs and start using tactics that show your company as a trusted leader in green energy.

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Driving the transition to a sustainable energy future.

You’re in the solar business to make the world a better place–it’s an important part of who you are as a company.

Highlighting your values, people and purpose creates closer connections with potential customers and better business results. Your marketing should:

  • Create environmental and purpose-driven messages that are authentic.
  • Highlight the environmental and financial advantages of solar.
  • Reach and build trust in new audiences.
Case study

Ecohouse Solar

Leveraging Digital to Increase Lead Generation

The Need

Ecohouse Solar wanted to increase the volume and quality of the leads generated through the website. It not only sought better leads, but ways to better qualify those leads.

The Solution

MAYO used a number of strategies to improve the website, lead generation and lead quality.

  • We conducted security and responsiveness audits and analyzed the company’s digital footprint to identify SEO successes.
  • Audience research personas were created to ensure the messages and content strategy were speaking directly to the target audience.
  • Incorporating FAQs, customer reviews and an enhanced landing page to keep visitors engaged at all stages increased the trust factor and helped engage visitors.
  • A review of Econhouse’s Google Ads uncovered immediate opportunities to quickly increase ROI.
  • A performance audit of reviews, paid advertising, email, social media and CRM data helped us find opportunities to reduce cost per lead and improve profitability.

“MAYO successfully increased leads and reduced the cost per lead while improving our overall prospect quality.”
-Ecohouse Solar

The Results

Increased quality leads, sales, and web security.

Lead Generation
Reduction in Form Spam
Security Breaches

Benefits of Working With MAYO Designs


Extensive experience and understanding of the solar installation industry.

A deep commitment to the environment and using business as a force for good.

Full service brand and marketing capabilities and a proven track record of ROI and client satisfaction.

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