By the time February rolls around, studies show 80% of all New Year resolutions have failed.

Why? Because it is difficult to set and keep goals, and follow a strategy to achieve them.

We all know that there are so many distractions and too many things that can quickly knock a person off course and get in the way of reaching both their personal and professional goals. While setting goals is key to achieving what people want, it can be challenging to know exactly what you want, how to get there and where you will be in the future.

Because of these inevitable obstacles, most people give up on their goals far too quickly. One of the biggest obstacles people have in reaching a milestone is their lack of time. We’re here to tell you it’s okay to feel overwhelmed!

Businesses are not immune to this problem either. When it comes to professional goals, some companies struggle to focus on anything that doesn’t have a direct impact on revenue.

So let’s talk about why it’s important to set goals in the first place…

On a personal level, goals help define what’s important to you as an individual. They help you identify your core values and dreams, while keeping you motivated in pursuing them. It’s only after honing in on what matters in someone’s life that they can they focus on making these dreams a reality.

Professional goals, on the other hand, allow your organization to collectively grow and improve. These goals help companies measure their successes in tangible ways, while shining light on the company’s vision as a whole. Another reason this is important is for cohesion within the team, which increases employee morale and engagement.

Knowing that such a high percentage of stated goals fail… we’ve identified a few tips on how individuals and companies can set goals effectively.

Let’s start with the basics….the process for setting a compelling goal for both personal and professional purposes is, fortunately, the same. To reach your goals at home and at work, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Dream

  • Start with the big picture… dream a little…ask yourself where do you want to be either in your professional or personal life.
  • Here is the secret… dreaming won’t cost you anything and do not discredit any ideas during this brainstorming session.

STEP 2: Write it down

  • Writing down your ideas will turn them into defined intentions.

STEP 3: Define a timeline

  • Are these short term, long term or both?

STEP 4: Find someone for support and accountability

  • No major breakthroughs in life happen without any help. Find somebody or something to rely on for guidance.

STEP 5: Break big picture down into smaller, easier to attain goals

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture, take one step at a time.

STEP 6: Stay on task with a deadline

  • Give your small goals an end-date. Realize that distractions will come, but you have to stick to the plan.

STEP 7: Be precise, positive, and realistic

  • Keep a level head, and don’t set goals that are too daunting.


  • Once a goal is achieved, give yourself a pat on the back. Skipping this important step can sap your motivation and lead to burn-out.

STEP 9: Push to keep going

  • Remember the feeling of enjoyment you get from achieving a small goal? That’s going to push you to keep going. Take time to recall that feeling when you set your sights on the next aspiration.

STEP 10: Reassess progress and reflect

  • Continuously ask yourself what you can do better.

Setting goals for your professional and personal life are important for your growth as a person of character. At MAYO Designs, we’re always striving to sharpen our processes and set and attain new goals. Learn more about us at