Everyone has one, here's ours.

Since 2000 MAYO Designs has been creating web and marketing solutions for large and small companies. Founder, owner and art director, Carrie Mayo, solely ran her business for 9 years until she hired her first employee in 2010. By 2016, Carrie had formed a team of 6 to further business efforts.

Up until 2017, MAYO Designs had helped hundreds of businesses market their services but found ourselves delivering solutions in a “helter-skelter” approach. What we mean by this is we had a solution for anyone who was willing to buy. It was time for us to adapt to a focused approach. We needed a more fixated way of creating solutions for a more concentrated audience. To do this, we identified the type of clients that we work best with: companies who have the same mindset as us.

So, what’s our mindset? It’s to help others and always work toward “doing good” and positive change. This mindset IS sustainability. It’s the guiding influence for all of our work. We strive to increase awareness and educate the public on social, environmental and economical sustainable brands that make better happen.

This has become our purpose. We’re not waking up everyday just to get work done. We’re waking up everyday to get work done that contributes to the greater good.