Case Study: MAYO Helps Technology Company Achieve Annual Growth & Consistent ROI
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Case Study: MAYO Helps Technology Company Achieve Annual Growth & Consistent ROI

Client Overview
Axis is a technology company that resells some of the most well-known technologies in the world to clients throughout the US.

Problem Overview
Brand Positioning:

  • Website was outdated and did not highlight the brand effectively

Web Performance/Metrics:

  • No brand presence
  • Zero web strategy
  • Need a way to showcase/catalog products online

Lead Generation:

  • Need to attract new customers
  • No new customers were coming to them – all efforts to find new business were outbound strategies

Client Defined Goals to Measure Success
Success & Measuring Results:

  • Web traffic
  • Web inquiries
  • Organic search ranking
  • Event attendees


  • Axis partnered with MAYO to allow us to become their internal marketing department.
  • Axis used MAYO’s expertise to outline their entire marketing roadmap.
  • MAYO resold marketing & web services to Axis’ clients.
  • MAYO managed all components of marketing through a close partnership with the leadership team on website redesign, graphic design, email marketing, resource curation, social media, event planning & execution, and SEO & PPC campaigns.

Brand Positioning:

  • Axis was just acquired. $35M/year with 20%+ growth year over year

Web & Event Performance/Metrics:

  • Email blasts drove 72% of registrants to our events
  • Social media drove 3.5% of registrants to our events
  • LinkedIn was the #1 referral source to bring traffic to the website
  • Overall website sessions increased by 49% when comparing to the previous year
  • The overall number of visitors increased by 64% when comparing to the previous year

Lead Generation

  • PPC ROI: 236.17%

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