Case Study: Leveraging Digital to Increase Lead Generation
May 4
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Case Study: Leveraging Digital to Increase Lead Generation

The Need
Following a website redesign, Ecohouse Solar wanted to further impact the volume and quality of the leads generated through the website. Once leads originated, they needed to leverage their expertise, positive reviews, and exceptional customer satisfaction to improve their close rate.

Supporting our sales team directly impacts our ability to reduce the region’s carbon footprint. By expanding awareness about the benefits and affordability of solar power and providing compelling selling points, we are able to fulfill our company mission while expanding use of clean energy in our community.”

The Solution
An assessment of their current Google Ads strategy and platform uncovered immediate opportunities for a more targeted approach. Next, a performance audit of reviews, paid advertising, email, social media and current data in the CRM completed our understanding of where the cost per lead could be reduced and volume increased to improve profitability.

MAYO successfully increased leads and reduced the cost per lead while improving our overall prospect quality. In addition, they helped us capture valuable intel in our CRM to understand where leads originated and implemented additional security that reduced the surplus of spam submissions that bogged down our sales team.”

The Results
Increased Qualified Leads at a Lower Cost

Adding analytics and removing automation, MAYO was able to better target audiences and leverage Ecohouse Solar’s expertise and quality service to improve their bottom line.

  • Reduced cost per click
  • Increased new leads by 20%
  • Reduced spam submissions by 100%
  • Increased website traffic

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