Leverage Technology To Promote Your Business
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Leverage Technology To Promote Your Business

Technology is the key to promoting sustainable businesses – and doing more with less. Whether you are low on time, resources, or a marketing budget, focusing primarily on web-based promotion is sure to help you grow your business.

Follow These Tips – Leverage Technology To Promote Your Business

Whether you’re running a recycled paper company, a sustainable farm, a plant nursery, or any other eco-friendly business, it may be hard to carve out the time from your busy schedule to promote your company.

After all, there are so many options now! In the past, it was simple – post a flyer or take out an ad in the local newspaper, and you had your bases covered. But in our modern world of social media, the internet, and digital content, it’s hard to know where to begin.

In this article, Digital Environmentalist will discuss how you can use modern tools to promote your sustainable business! Let’s get started.

1. Social Media
First things first – social media is one of the biggest tools you can use to promote your sustainable business. Depending on where you target market is “hanging out” (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), your business should have a social media presence on those platforms. We recommend creating a LinkedIn page to start and create content to go out regularly.

This may seem time consuming, but modern automation tools have made it easy to schedule tweets and Facebook posts. Whenever you have time, you can write new posts, and schedule them for the rest of the week, or the month. This helps you keep your company active on social media, and helps you reach more of your target market.

2. Online Directories
If applicable, you should be trying to get your company into as many online directories as possible, such as Angie’s List, Yelp!, The Better Business Bureau, and any other relevant online publications. Think of these as the “Yellow Pages” of the 21st century. If you’re listed, customers will have a much easier time finding you.

3. Online Reviews
Online reviews are a big factor for potential customers who may want to try out your services, or your products. You’d be surprised by the amount of loyal customers that are willing to share their feedback on your products / services. You can also consider offering rewards to customers who leave an honest review about your company!

4. Webinars And Online Events
Webinars are a great way to educate your customers. If you’re trying to promote your sustainable business practices, for example, you could host a webinar about sustainability – and talk both about how your business is promoting an eco-friendly world, and what other businesses and individuals can do to help.

5. A Strong Web Presence
Your business should have a streamlined, modern website that’s easy to use and navigate, with regular updates. Frequent blog posts and other types of content (that educate readers on sustainable practices, your products/services, etc.) are great tactics to bring in new customers.

6. Partner With Other Eco-Friendly Businesses
If you’re one of only a few sustainable businesses in your community or industry, consider teaming up with other businesses that are eco-friendly, and helping them promote their products and services. Networking is one of the best strategies you can implement as a business. Connect with like-minded people, let the ideas flow, work together, and nurture those relationships that matter.

7. Sponsor Local Events
Sponsoring a local community event is another great way to get noticed, even in our world of digital media. Consider choosing an event that aligns with your goals. If you’re creating sustainable detergents and soaps, for example, you could sponsor a local organic farmer’s market, or an arts and crafts fair.

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