MAYO Brings a Construction Company’s Web Design Vision to Life

Take the lead in your niche with a
website that communicates your value.


Basnett Design is a building and remodeling company with a green purpose. However, their craftsmanship and extensive experience in building was not being effectively showcased in their online presence.

The Basnett team was interested in updating their website but didn’t know who they should approach to take the lead or how to start the process. What they had was a vision, and luckily that’s all our team needs to get started.


Our Discovery Process dug into Basnett’s core values and competencies, process, current website, and their competitors with an analysis to identify the best approach for highlighting the Basnett brand.

When the Basnett team noticed their competitors had a clear and effective online presence, they started seeing the value in investing in their marketing.


After redesigning and developing Basnett’s website, the team instantly started to receive remarks of praise from their existing clients and new customers began to confidently take action with them online.

Just 6 months after the web redesign launch, the analytics showed a strong increase in engagement:

  • Users were up by 12.65%
  • Total sessions were up by 21.32%
  • Average session duration was up by 91.59%
  • Total page views were up by 57.03 %

Basnett now has a peace of mind knowing that they have a team to consistently monitor, maintain and secure their site.

Confidently lead prospects through to conversion with an updated website that speaks to their needs.

MAYO Refreshes the Brand of a Community Living Company

Efficient and effective branding that connects you with
your ideal audience.


Pointe Place, a contemporary mixed used community located in Dover, NH, was dealing with a challenge we see all the time: an MIA designer. They really wanted to take their brand image to the next level, ensuring it reflected the brand they were evolving into, but couldn’t get a call back from their trusted contractor.

Their logo was outdated. Their overall brand image wasn’t communicating their core messaging. Their marketing materials didn’t speak to their audience. When trying to take the lead on creating their new logo, brochure, website, they felt defeated and unsure how to move forward.


After reaching out to their network, they came across our team to help dive into their branding challenges. Immediately we identified the missing elements of their brand imaging. Working alongside the Pointe Place’s leadership team, we took the lead on creating a modern logo that reflects the community they were cultivating.


Through design, we were able to capture the vision of the organization and ensure it was executed in every visual element of their marketing. Now the Pointe Place team confidently presents their brand to their community knowing it represents their overall vision, mission, and purpose.

Get excited about sending prospects your action-oriented
marketing materials.

Encompass your core values, vision, and purpose in your design and start connecting more meaningfully with your clients.

MAYO Amplifies the Marketing for a Local Non-Profit

How marketing roadmapping helps
clarify your goals and achieve results.


New England Patriots Alumni Club (NEPAC) is a non-profit providing opportunity for former Patriot players to remain connected with one another. However, they were only reaching out to their networks when scheduled events were approaching. Communication was scattered and strategy was lacking for fostering continuous engagement and connection among their community. They were following a “last minute marketing” approach where everything was being planned and executed in real time.

When hosting events, they would approach sponsorship and event communications as the need arose. Content was lengthy, flat and unpositioned, while their website remained inaccessible for various devices. At the time, NEPAC was also in need of someone to manage their social media platforms, and find areas for opportunity there.


The organization was in desperate need of a marketing team that would help them shine as a leader for keeping their community connected.

We entered with a plan of action for amplifying their marketing. This included developing a detailed and effective approach for planning and executing events, developing engaging and relevant content that empowered readers to take action, and updating their websites' hosting and design.

While creating a marketing roadmap, we look to the previous fiscal year to analyze successes, challenges, and learning opportunities to create goals for the year ahead. This provides us with the information we need to implement metrics to achieve results.

Our goals included:

  • Developing consistent branding materials, including graphics, content, and brand activation pieces.
  • Updating their website to provide value to sponsors with online visibility, and gamification features to engage their community, such as online raffles.
  • Enhancing their overall digital presence on social media platforms.
  • Tracking and analyzing performance of every moving piece to ensure we were moving in the right direction.

After undergoing our roadmapping process, New England Patriots Alumni Club is now sending out consistent and value-driven content to their community on social media and email communication, has a detailed schedule of all tasks leading up to events, and a team they can rely on for forecasting and roadmapping their future engagement and growth. The organization has seen a significant increase in engagement, and have simplified their event processes to relieve the stress of event planning. Over the course of 3 years, we've seen impressive results:

  • Overall organic website traffic has increased by 175%
  • Website traffic generated from social media has increased by 645%
  • Total users (new and returning) have increased by 66.2%

In need of consistent branding assets and efficiency in your marketing?

Getting stuck in “last minute marketing” can often put a strain on the core messaging of your brand. Let’s chat about how our marketing roadmap process can bring clarity to your marketing and lead you towards growth year after year.

A Green Building Company Now Proudly Promotes Their Brand

How outdated marketing can affect your client engagement.


Garland Remodeling and Construction is a small business using green practices to provide sustainable building options to their clients.

Garland was challenged by an outdated website that didn’t highlight any of their current services or projects. They were also presenting an outdated brand image to new prospects.

To help overcome a marketing hurdle their team was too busy to conquer, they chose to highlight their value on their social accounts without any real strategy.


It wasn’t immediately clear to them the negative impact their outdated brand image could have on incoming leads.

We took the lead on taking inventory of their marketing assets including their website, brand assets, and competitors. Our analyses led to a 4-month marketing strategy that would leverage their current assets while implementing strategies to improve their overall brand image.

Although they saw the need to have a team take the lead on their marketing, they hadn’t recognized how valuable investing in their marketing now would be for their long-term business growth. After receiving our plan of action, it was a no brainer. We took the lead on a logo redesign, internal document creation, and website updates.


The Garland team is now confident in the brand image they are presenting to their community. They proudly engage prospects online to ensure they are a part of their ongoing story of bringing sustainable solutions to homes in their community.

Challenged by a lack of time to oversee your marketing?

Don’t let an outdated brand image get in the way of your impact and growth.

MAYO Secures and Cleans Up a Solar Company’s Website

Performance and security meet green business leadership.


Spectrum Energy is an innovative solar company that needed a marketing team that could keep up with their impact. After tirelessly searching for referrals to find a team that fit their niche, they were connected to us through a like-minded organization of green business thought leaders.

Spectrum was challenged by spam attacking their contact forms, a lack of site security, and lack of access to the back-end of their website.


After performing a thorough analysis and taking inventory of their web assets, we were able to address multiple small issues that were leading to larger challenges affecting the accessibility of their website:

  • Migrated the website to a more efficient and safe host
  • Updated and secured forms
  • Connected Google Analytics
  • Increased loading speed
  • Heightened password protection
  • Cleaned up their WordPress theme and excess plugins

Spectrum Energy no longer has a spam attacking issue in their contact forms. Their website is fully secure, backed by MAYO’s hosting services. Spectrum now feels confident that their site is continuously maintained for efficiency and safety.

Securing your website is just as crucial as living your core values.

Let’s address your hosting and maintenance issues so we can implement solutions that allow your website to perform at your level of impact.

MAYO Efficiently Solves Coding and Migration Issues

Efficient problem solving for tricky coding
and migration issues.


A consultant that helps spa owners reach their full potential in customer service, sales, and marketing reached out to us with some challenges. When the client approached us, they was struggling with three websites they were managing that were on proprietary software that wouldn’t migrate to another platform.

After trying to mitigate the sites themselves with the help of their current developer, they were left with three broken websites that seemed impossible to fix. The client was devastated thinking they would have to put in more time to redo everything from scratch–until they came across our team.


As efficiently as possible, we were able to migrate the websites off of the current software and get them running on our website hosting platform, while maintaining the current design.

We were able to show them how integrated the website was with the current software and every step we took in the process to make magic happen.


Our passion for problem solving led to this client to save thousands of dollars up front, and even save on monthly hosting and maintenance fees.

Troubled by a pesky coding issue that is giving you pain in your back-end?

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