The Authenticity Behind Your Sustainable Brand
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The Authenticity Behind Your Sustainable Brand

It’s 2018 – and as customers shift their focus to sustainable brands, more companies are looking for ways to show that they are credible and that they truly live up to their stated values.

But it can be hard to do so. It often becomes a case of “showing” rather than “telling” – your marketing materials and PR can focus on staying consistent and genuine in their messaging, but it’s more difficult to actually show that your brand is truly feasible in the long term.

In this guide, we’ll go through some basic tips on how you can demonstrate to your customer the authenticity of your brand – rather than just telling them about it.

The Problem – Authenticity Is Hard, And Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Any business is, by default, inauthentic. It’s not an organic entity – it is built, purposefully, by people.

Now, the people who build the business are trustworthy, but unless this legitimacy is broadcasted to clients and business partners in every aspect of the way the company is run, the message may be lost.

  • For your company to be recognized as truly achievable and dependable, you need the following things:
  • A unified vision for sustainability, shared between stakeholders
  • Marketing and promotions that are reasonable and don’t over-promise
  • Constant communication about your values with customers and clients
  • Testimonials, videos, and other value-adding content
  • Connections with other like-minded and respected companies
  • A strong online and social media presence that promotes reliability, sensible values
  • Consistent corporate messages across all departments, including customer service

The Solution – Walking The Walk And Talking The Talk

So, how can you achieve the above requirements, and make sure that your brand is recognized as genuine and consistent by your customers, clients, and business partners? Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Keep things simple – If your business model is complex, it’s a good idea to try to simplify it as much as possible when discussing your organization. Those who want to dig deeper can do so – but ensure anyone can get a basic understanding of what you do in just a few minutes.
  • Make it easy to contact your business Part of dependability is being approachable and up front with the end user of your products or services. So make it simple for potential customers to contact you through e-mail, web chat, telephone, and any other necessary means of communication.
  • Don’t make farfetched guarantees – Always underpromise and overdeliver, particularly if you are working in an eco-friendly, suitable space. If you fail to deliver on a agreement, this may be a major blow to your true image, even if your business was not at fault.
  • Demonstrate sustainability In any form of outreach, always demonstrate the sustainability of your company. Whether it’s a presentation, interview, meeting, or any form of online presence, emphasize that it is at the core of what you do.
  • Utilize Testimonials – Examples of how your company is run and its impact are powerful rhetorical devices that can help you establish an honest and open relationship with new and existing customers. Gaining trust with the end user of your product or service is perhaps the most important tool in showing your authenticity.
  • Communicate regularly throughout the buying cycle – Always keep in touch with clients when they are buying your products or using your services. See them in person, set a check-in schedule, and do everything you can to ensure their satisfaction and continue to build a trusting relationship.

Follow This Guide – And Broadcast Your Authenticity

Standing out as a sustainable company is not easy, but with this guide, you should have a better idea of the basic steps you need to take to do so!

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