A Fresh Start: What Makes Our Garden Grow
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A Fresh Start: What Makes Our Garden Grow

With many looking for ways to feel and do better in the new year, our team is sharing quick tips each week in the month of January about how they plan to join MAYO’s commitment to clean energy by reducing their carbon footprint in 2022.


Getting outside in January in New England means bundling up, bracing yourself against the cold winter air, and trekking through snow. Long walks along frozen ground can make warmer days seem too far away, but for avid gardeners, dreams of raised beds flush with flowers and ripe vegetables helps keep the cold at bay.

The act of gardening and growing food is a way to feel more connected to the earth. It instills an appreciation of the soil and water, and a deeper respect for those who grow the rest of the food we eat. For many who love to garden, sustainability and respect for the planet is essential. Fortunately, using sustainable practices in gardening has become easier than ever. This week, two members of our team, Carrie and Karen, are sharing favorite products for living and gardening sustainably.

Full Circle
Composting is such an easy way to reduce the waste we put into landfills, and if you have the space, to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Full Circle offers a wide-ranging line of home and kitchen products that are reusable, compostable and sustainable, but it’s the composting containers that grabbed Carrie’s attention. So what makes this Certified BCorp stand out?

“Full Circle really strives to meet people where they are,” said Carrie. “Their products are for both the serious composter and the person who doesn’t have a ton of room, but still wants to do their part.”

Green City Growers
Not everyone has a huge, sunny yard for growing food and flowers, but Green City Growers is working to make gardening more accessible and our buildings more sustainable. Its raised beds, rooftop systems and indoor living walls offer ways for people to grow plants in spaces that were previously too small or too difficult to garden. This Certified BCorp also uses sustainable building materials when they can and assist with installation.

Raised beds are nothing new, but it’s the company’s philosophy that made Green City Growers Karen’s pick.

“They’re really challenging the way we think about gardening,” said Karen. “It’s not just a hobby but a way for people who don’t have access to land to produce their own food. They really are coming up with ways to grow food anywhere!”

Sustainable for All
These two companies see sustainability not as some lofty goal, but as something everyone can participate in, in their own way. It’s much like how we approach sustainability with our clients. Each company is on their own journey. Our journey has taken us to BCorp certification, but for others, their journey has just begun.

When we work with a client that’s far along the sustainability path, we provide the right branding and marketing strategy to position them in the marketplace. At the same time, we have clients that want to improve practices, and we offer the tools to help get them there. Like Full Circle and Green City Growers, it’s about meeting people where they are.

Want to know about BCorps and the work they do? We’re big fans of the BCorp Directory, which provides an easy way to find companies that have adopted sustainable practices and good governance.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint in 2022, check out our week 1 post on Restorative Travel.

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