A Fresh Start: Restorative Travel
December 15
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A Fresh Start: Restorative Travel

With many looking for ways to feel and do better in the new year, our team is sharing quick tips each week in the month of January about how they plan to join MAYO’s commitment to clean energy by reducing their carbon footprint in 2022.


Restorative Travel

Vacations are how many of us choose to relax and recharge – but we often don’t think about the impact of overnight stays on the environment (we’re trying to get away from our problems right?). This year, see how Jacqui and Taylor are adding steps to create more sustainable sleeps.

proposal in QuebecWith a wedding to plan this year, Taylor wanted to offset the carbon emissions for the hotel stays needed for her traveling guests. So, she jumped on the BCorp Directory and found Trip Zero, a company that will source her hotel room blocks and erase the event’s entire carbon footprint – for free!

Trip Zero is leading the way to create awareness around the impact of travel, and their work is enabling growth in reforestation and renewable energy projects around the globe. In addition, they can also help spread the sustainable message by sharing with guests how their stay had a positive impact on the environment.


platform bed in a carJacqui will be taking some of her overnight stays outdoors in 2022 and started getting ready this year by building a platform bed in her car. Next year she wants to find responsibly sourced gear to enhance her camping experience, so she hopped on the BCorp Directory and found Barebones.

Barebones is committed to reducing single-use plastic and helping lift people out of poverty by providing skills, education, and tools. Their first product created was a state-of-the-art emergency shelter and it continues to be a primary asset in helping underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts.

Whether staying inside or out, the BCorp Directory provides an easy way to find companies that can help reduce the environmental impact of your travel.

Looking for more ideas on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint in 2022? Stay tuned for our next few blogs to hear what others from MAYO are doing in 2022.

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