How to Talk to Customers About the Solar Tax Credit
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How to Talk to Customers About the Solar Tax Credit

Many Americans are intimidated by the complexities of the income tax system. It’s certainly not easy to navigate! This can be a major pain point for solar installation companies looking to capitalize on the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Confusion about who qualifies, when the tax credit can be taken, and the documentation needed can complicate a homeowner’s decision process.

Solar installation companies need clear, concise messaging to help homeowners see the big benefits of the solar tax credit. Here are a few marketing tactics you can use to set leads and customers at ease and make the decision process easier.

What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit?

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is designed to make adding clean energy technology more affordable for homeowners, communities and businesses. It includes a 30% tax incentive on the gross cost of a solar system installation. The tax credit can be applied to the cost of the solar panels, equipment, labor and even battery storage.

The credit is available to any taxpayer regardless of income level, as well as businesses, municipalities and organizations. For homeowners, the solar installations must be complete by the end of the year to apply to that tax year and must be at a taxpayer’s primary or second home in the U.S.

How to Talk About the Solar Investment Tax Credit

Purchasing a solar installation is likely the biggest investment a homeowner will make in the next decade. Homeowners want to trust they are working with a reputable and capable solar installation company that can guide them through the process.

Here are some tips for educating leads and fostering trust.

Compile a List of FAQs

Frequently asked questions are a great way to get prospects the answers they’re looking for, as well as save your sales team time. We recommend collecting FAQs from your sales team, writing out clear, concise answers, and posting them on your website. You can also create a handout for customers reps can leave behind during sales visits.

Make Information Easy to Find (and easy to read)

Potential customers want to do their research before they sign a contract, and this includes getting details about the solar tax credit. Help them get the answers they need quickly by placing information about the tax credit on the home page. Link it to a webpage dedicated to solar tax credit information.

For customers that are visual learners, consider using an infographic that walks them through the process. And don’t forget to add a form making it easy for them to reach out to you with questions.

Need help creating an infographic? We’ve got a Solar Tax Credit Guide infographic you can download and use on your website today. Click here to learn more.

Keep Talking About the Benefits

Even though you live and breathe solar panels every day, most people aren’t up to speed on what the solar tax credit entails–or in some cases that it even exists! That’s why it’s important to reiterate the benefits whenever you can, whether that’s in social media posts, emails, or blog posts.

Reminding them of the tax credit has two benefits:
They learn about the significant cost savings available to them.
You’ll be front of mind when they start reaching out to solar installation companies.

The Future is Bright for Solar

The solar tax credit is like a de facto discount for solar installations. The inherent savings for customers is a huge win for installation companies. To seize on this opportunity to its fullest, companies should invest in their marketing, messaging and sales teams. We’ve helped solar companies improve their presence online and are happy to talk about how you can too.

Take advantage of the solar boom

and make the Solar Investment Tax Credit part of your marketing strategy. Reach out to our team, to learn how.

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