12 Ways Businesses Can Give Back This Holiday Season
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12 Ways Businesses Can Give Back This Holiday Season

Looking to give back this holiday season in your community? Bring these ideas to your employees and inspire each other to go the extra mile to give help for a great cause. Or better yet, set up a holiday donation for your company and encourage everyone to participate at some level. We’ve always said “any amount, no matter how big or small, makes an impact.”

  1. Encourage Your Staff To Volunteer: Volunteer days are a lot of fun and great for team building, and are a great way to give back to the community.
  2. Donate To A Good Cause: Find a charity that aligns with your corporate values, and help support them.
  3. Give To Your Community: Set up a blanket or coat donation, or another event to help those in need.
  4. Take Part In A Charity Food Drive: Collect cans, boxed food, and other non-perishables, and donate them to a homeless shelter or food bank.
  5. Sponsor An Intern In The New Year: Investing in young workers in your area is a great way to help build up the local community, and open up new doors.
  6. Reward Your Employees: A Christmas party, Starbucks gift card, end-of-year bonus – whatever’s appropriate!
  7. Host A Toy Drive: Toy For Tots is a great way to give back and help kids and families in need to have a great holiday season.
  8. Senior Visits: Call around to senior centers to see if residents might enjoy a visit. They often love visits from pets as well!
  9. Appreciate The Military: Consider a discount for members of the Armed Forces who protect our country, or send mail to soldiers overseas.
  10. Natural Disaster Relief: Find a charity that’s helping with disaster relief either abroad or at home, and donate to help the victims of natural disasters.
  11. Adopt A Family: Reach out to a nearby children’s hospital, school or church to donate to a family that needs the essentials to live a happy and healthy life.
  12. Engage All Year Long: Don’t just use the holidays as a time to give back. Make it a point to engage with your community throughout the year!

Make sure you give back to your community – choose your method, and spread the word!

This guide is sure to inspire you to give back this holiday season. At MAYO Designs, we pride ourselves in giving back to the community. If you’re interested in learning ways you can give back, reach out to us at 603-817-1575.

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