10 Simple, Yet Genius Marketing Campaigns
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10 Simple, Yet Genius Marketing Campaigns

Experience taught us that simpler marketing ideas will always be more effective. Here are 10 great examples of genius marketing campaigns to inspire your own strategies.

 1) Deez Nuts from Frontier

The ‘Deez Nuts’ meme was, at one point, EVERYWHERE. But look at how Frontier Airlines took it and created a simple campaign. 


It can be difficult for NGOs to compete with big corporations in the realm of advertising, but WATERisLIFE sure didn’t have a problem with its #FirstWorldProblems video.

3) #CrockPotIsInnocent

Sometimes, a popular TV show can cause a PR nightmare for your brand, which is exactly what Crock-Pot could have experienced after a particular episode of This is Us involving a defective pot. But it didn’t.

4) Beanz Everywhere

When Heinz launched a new product called Five Beanz, they also created a fun personality test people could take to find out which bean they are.

5) Celebrating Love

When the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in every state, celebrations obviously ensued. And certain brands like Visa joined in on the celebration.

6) Dream Crazier

Nike launched this ad with fan-fave Serena Williams about the double standard in sport, and it was a power move that’s still being talked about.

7) We Believe

With this ad, Gillette wanted to pass down some lessons to their audience. And boy, were we waiting for it!

8) American Express and Tina Fey

How to promote a new card? You get Tina Fey to record some video messages congratulating you on ‘adulting’, that’s how!

9) Deadpool

Remember when Deadpool hijacked 16 DVD movies at Walmart? Yeah, well it really made an impact.

10) #threehousetuesdays

Airbnb got people really excited about their services when they started doing the #treehousetuesdays posts on Instagram.

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