Why Storytelling Is Good For SEO
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Why Storytelling Is Good For SEO

Our last article outlined how storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience. In this article, we’ll cover how storytelling benefits Search Engine Optimization. When utilized correctly, storytelling is an excellent vehicle for improving your search rankings on Google.

Meet Joseph. Joseph had a business blog that he had been diligently updating for months with regular posts. But he wasn’t getting much traffic and was disappointed with the amount of effort he put in with his blog versus the results he was getting. Why were other bloggers in his niche getting so many visitors? Joseph wondered. He reached out to one to get the scoop.

This successful blogger told Joseph about SEO basics and how storytelling benefits SEO. Joseph learned that he should use the words and phrases that his target customer was using to find the answers he had online. Joseph learned that his posts needed to include the words he wanted his audience to use to find him-words they were already typing into the search bar.

So, Joseph continued to write engaging stories, posting them regularly to his blog. But this time, he was strategic about it, including specific keywords into his stories to boost his SEO rankings and further engage his audience. Soon, he started to see the traffic numbers he wanted, and his business boomed.

SEO is easy to overlook when you’re trying to tell your brand story. Your stories need to include the words and phrases that your customers are using to search online. These are the words you want Google to rank your web pages for.

Why are stories an excellent way to increase your SEO?

Storytelling benefits SEO in several key ways. An essential part of SEO is using the right keywords/keyword phrases, so it’s recommended that you sprinkle them throughout your story. Stories are also engaging pieces of content and will keep your readers on your pages for longer, which Google likes to see. And if people like your posts, they are also more likely to share them on social media, which brings even more traffic and attention to your site, which in turn increases your SEO ranking.

Our digital marketers are experienced in crafting engaging, brand stories for our customers that enhance their SEO rankings. Incase you missed our last post about how to effectively use your story for different marketing channels, make sure to check it out. Contact us today to get your story told the right way, to the right people.

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