4 Improvements You Can Make To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle
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4 Improvements You Can Make To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

“Going Green” is not just some nebulous concept. Using today’s technologies, it’s easier than ever to decrease your impact on the environment, and live a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Learn about 4 areas of your life where you can make improvements and become more eco-friendly, today!

1. Improve Your Food And Consumption Habits

Agriculture and food production/transportation are major causes of environmental damage. By improving your food consumption habits, you can live a much more “green” lifestyle.

For example, you could eat a plant-based diet, and not consume as much meat. According to Time Magazine, meat production is an enormous cause of environmental pollution, and uses more natural resources than plant production. 30% of our land is dedicated to raising animals for consumption.

You can also grow your own food using a garden. Produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers are easy to grow, even without a “green thumb”. In addition, composting your food waste and adding it to your garden can help you grow organic, delicious vegetables while reducing the size of your garbage bag.

It’s also a good idea to consider supporting local farms by purchasing produce at farmers markets and cooperatives, rather than the grocery store. This helps support local farmers, and ensures that you purchase organic, sustainably sourced produce.

Finally, you may want to try to reduce your food waste. Take a look at how you shop, and avoid purchasing items that will go bad without being consumed. Eat more leftovers, and make the most of the groceries you have. Ask yourself: “Do I really need this?”

2. Improve Your Means Of Transportation

An electric or hybrid car is a great way to use less gasoline, which saves you money and helps the environment. A high MPG internal combustion car, like a small sedan, is also a good choice.

You should plan ahead and combine trips whenever possible, drive in a fuel-efficient manner, and consider carpooling. Carpooling just twice a week can not only save you money, but can keep up to 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year.

You may also want to take more trips using a bicycle, an electric scooter, or consider using mass transit like trains or buses instead of your car. All of these options are not only fun alternatives, but they can save you money – and are better for the environment.

3. Improve Your Surroundings At Home

There are a number of great ways you can reduce your energy usage and environmental impact at home. You can do things such as:
– Use advanced technology like LED lights, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and smart thermometers that allow you to adjust temperatures on your phone when you’re away from home to save money on your power bill.
– Use less water, keep the temperature lower in the winter (and higher in the summer) and turn off lights when you’re not using them.
– Add more insulation to your home to make it more energy-efficient
– Use skylights and rooftop solar panels to capture “free” energy from the sun to power your home.

4. Improve Your Lifestyle Habits

Try to reduce the amounts of plastic you use. An easy way to accomplish this is by utilizing reusable water bottles. Reduce the amount of paper you use by using washable rags, and subscribe to digital newspapers instead of print papers.

Recycle as much as you can – you can recycle paper, plastic, and most types of metal cans and containers. Encourage others around you and in your workplace to do the same.

Other ways to reduce your impact on the environment include working from home, or donating your time – volunteering for organizations that do things like clean up litter from roads and highways, or joining a non-profit that promotes organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

There are so many ways to practice sustainability. Don’t let it overwhelm you; implementing one change at a time can get you well on your way to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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