It Just Takes One: Lessons from Two Sustainability Events
December 1
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It Just Takes One: Lessons from Two Sustainability Events

Bringing sustainability into how you do business is a marathon…not a sprint.

To finish the race, you need moments of inspiration to power through the challenging times when environmental and social responsibility feels too big for one person or one company to make a difference.

At MAYO, we get inspiration by meeting up with others who share our purpose. This fall we attended two events where businesses shared how they put sustainability in action while turning environmental responsibility into a competitive advantage.

To keep that positive momentum going, we’re sharing one idea from each event. We hope they provide motivation on your journey to becoming more sustainable.


Alnoba Environmental Leadership Awards

alnoba facility kensington nh

We were particularly inspired by the story behind the venue that hosted this event. The first Passive House standard building of its kind in the Northeast, Alnoba uses 75-90% less energy while blending 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century green technology. Strategically placed and designed to maximize sunlight and shade, a passive house also uses specific materials to retain heat or cold – using less energy.

Alnoba also features an innovative solar panel design by Revision Energy. This type of construction and installation proves it’s possible to reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining design integrity and saving money long-term. Sustainability Slam

An evening of stories about big and small companies that have nhbsr sustainability slam logo 2021adapted how they do business to incorporate environmental and social responsibility – it’s hard to pick just one example to share.

If we have to choose, Kennebunk Savings Bank’s solar installation project was particularly compelling. Featuring their recent installation at their Kittery branch, they shared their commitment and plan to get to a net zero – providing proof that solar is a viable option for businesses of all types and sizes.

Companies like Revision Energy and our client Ecohouse Solar are innovating to make solar accessible and affordable for businesses. In addition to saving money over time, the switch also creates a meaningful connection with the growing number of consumers requiring environmental responsibility in exchange for their business.

Although the road to solving the environmental and social challenges is long, it just takes one story to provide the momentum to continue on your journey.


Check out MAYO’s winning video submission!


Interested in learning how your businesses can leverage solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions? We’d love to help!


We’re sharing our journey to help others that aspire to use business as a force for good. Although the road can sometimes feel long, every action and experience is an important step towards balancing purpose and profit to make the world a better place. Learn more about what it means to BCome a Bcorp.

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