How to Talk About Environmental Compliance
January 11
Industry: Construction

How to Talk About Environmental Compliance

Environmental regulations are a fact of life for building and construction companies. So much so you might do them without even thinking. Yet most people today know very little about the details of these requirements and how some construction and building companies do it better than others.

If you take environmental regulations and compliance seriously, why not talk about it? Both consumers and job seekers say a company’s environmental record matters to them. Sharing a stellar record or above-and-beyond actions is one way to differentiate yourself from the competition, capture the new business, and attract the best workers.

Here are a few ways you can use a strong commitment to the environment in your messaging.

Outreach on Your Website

When you undergo a project you likely have to go before a local, state or federal regulatory board for permitting. If your project has potential impact on the surrounding environment, you also likely conduct outreach to abutters. Your company will have to prepare materials to explain to both permitters and laymen how you will proceed. If done right, these materials can also be helpful in future marketing.

When undergoing a large project, create a page on your website to find all the information. If the project is smaller, write a blog post explaining the requirements and your plan to comply. It increases transparency and helps keep your team on message. It also makes sharing information about the project more efficient, creating a one-stop-shop for details.

Share Your Training and Certifications

Lack of training can be a major contributor to environmental violations. Highlight your well-trained team to set you apart from the competition, adding to the perception you bring a skilled team to every job.

List certifications the certifications you require as well as any certifications your crew members hold. Do you conduct training on an annual basis or review best practices on every site? Are you transparent when mistakes happen?

These are the questions potential customers will be asking. Make sure this information can be found on your website.

Use Social Media

Following environmental regulations may seem like just part of the job, but most people know very little about the process. Post pictures of environmental mats and safe hazardous waste removal on social media. Explain how the process is done and how it is intended to keep them safe. People love behind-the-scenes posts, especially when it focuses on something they can feel good about.

Talk Like a Human

When you know your industry well, you can forget that some people might not understand the law or know the meaning of certain terms. When putting information on your website or social media, make sure to talk about the project in a way that most people can understand. Define technical terms and acronyms and link to resources for learning more. Explaining complex topics in simple terms is not just a communications best practice, it shows you are trustworthy too.

Why Talk About Regulations At All?

Across the country, construction and building companies are doing the work to keep people safe from toxic chemicals and sensitive habitats free from permanent damage. Unfortunately, there are also companies that do not take this seriously. People want to trust the company they hire or is leading a large, nearby project, is going to do the right thing. Being open and transparent about environmental regulation compliance will only help build trust, credibility and a perception that your company is skilled and professional, with a dedication to people and the planet.

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