How To Start Building Your Sustainable Brand
January 15
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How To Start Building Your Sustainable Brand

Many business owners invest most of their efforts into selling their product or service, thinking that’s enough. To many, building a brand sounds like marketing fluff that can just be skipped or negotiated, depending on what’s left of the budget.

If you feel like branding is something you can do on your own whenever you find spare time, chances are there is room for improvement. Branding might just be the most valuable asset of your business.

What Is Branding And How To Use It

Branding is how your audience views you and all the actions you take to construct that image. Think about how important your personality is in your life; your company’s personality is just as meaningful.

Another crucial factor in your brand’s success is positioning – how consumers perceive you in relation to your competitors. Therefore, your job is not only to build a solid brand for your sustainable business, but to prove to your niche market that they should choose your product/ service over your competitors.

Before we get into a more detailed overview of how you can build your brand, take a moment to think about iconic brands and the way they communicate to their target audience. Check out their media channels – you will notice how every post, article, press release or print is cohesive and consistent to that brand’s voice and personality.

How To Build Your Sustainable Brand

Here are the natural steps to follow when building a brand. Assuming that you have a company name, the next checklist will really help you when building your brand.

Build A Customer Profile

An ideal customer profile defines which companies are a good fit for your product / service. This profile will help you to narrow all of your marketing efforts, and in turn, will attract high-quality leads. For example, an ideal B2B customer profile might be:

  • IT industry
  • 100-250 employees
  • New England
  • $1-5 million revenue

Check Out Your Competition

If you want to position yourself optimally on the market, it is best to stay up to date with what your competition is doing. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and figure out what differentiates you.

Define Your Core Values

Today, it’s all about emotions when people choose a brand. Consumers want their core values to align with that of the companies they purchase from. Define your core values and position them so consumers can relate in an emotional way.

Create Your Logo

Always have a professional create your logo – most importantly, keep it simple! It may seem easy, but we recommend not rushing into any finalized logo decision, as this is a core element of your brand. Your logo should effectively provide brand recognition as it is one of the most memorable / identifiable aspects of your company.

Choose A Brand Voice And Stick To It

Consistency is key when creating your brand and growing your marketing efforts. If you started your journey as a friendly and humorous company, going very formal may actually damage your image and confuse your target customers. Inconsistent voices along your communications break the storytelling spell.

A sustainable company needs a well thought out plan that helps set themselves apart from the competition. At MAYO Designs, we help companies develop their brand and stand out in the market. Contact us to see how we can help you grow out your brand.

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