4 Ways To Make Your Small Business Environmentally Friendly
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4 Ways To Make Your Small Business Environmentally Friendly

When people think and talk about the negative impact on the environment that businesses have, they almost always point to the giants of the industry. While it’s obvious that big businesses can easily change the environment at a global level, small businesses should also aspire to be environmentally friendly.

From energy and paper waste to AC units releasing greenhouse gasses, many industries produce waste. It’s up to company representatives to take responsibility and implement countermeasures and plan for sustainability. Below you can find a few practices that small businesses can implement easily that can change the way your company addresses environmental issues.

1. Spread The Word
Environmental Responsibility is a great company value to have. Being more responsible about the community around you is an easy way for you to make this happen.

Talk to your employees about the importance of including sustainable practices in their day-to-day activities. These practices can include: unplugging appliances and shutting down the computer before leaving the office, switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, using natural lighting from the great outdoors, having green cleaning products at the office, bringing lunch each day in a reusable container, and using recycled or second-hand materials for everyday office life. Show that you are offering your full support and get coworkers involved by coming up with new ideas together.

Make sure to talk to your partners and your clients as well. Let them know that your business values sustainability and focuses on environmentally friendly practices and ask for their support.

2. Reduce Your Waste
Regardless of your industry, there are plenty of alternatives to the current way you are dealing with your waste. Begin by acknowledging how much waste you need to dispose of regularly. Include all possible sources, even those that you might not have considered before, such as the aluminum foil left after the employees finish their lunch. Reusing this foil is a great way to reduce your waste. When it’s no longer reusable, ensuring that you dispose of it correctly in the recycling bin is extremely important.

Provide the necessary equipment to sort through the daily trash your small business produces and recycle. Better yet, lose the need to even go through the trash by focusing on alternative reusable products. Instead of a Keurig, use a coffee pot. Instead of water bottles, use a water filter. Instead of paper towels, use hand towels. Instead of plastic bags or plastic wrap, use aluminum foil or tupperware. When it comes to providing alternatives to disposables, every small thing matters.

3. Shift Towards Digital Storage Solutions
In this day and age, you can easily store and backup your data digitally. Minimize the amount of paper you use by opting for the digital option when there is one. Make sure your employees respect this rule by giving them easy access to online storage solutions. If you can, invest in tablets, use an intranet network, and encourage everyone to use the digital tools and resources available.

4. Partner Up With Local Businesses
Another excellent way to minimize your ecological impact is to work with local suppliers. One of the primary sources of emissions and energy usage is the storage and shipping that products travel to reach their destination. Instead of importing from China, for example, see if you can find a local cost-effective solution. If sourcing locally increases your bottom line, it would do the same for distributors and manufacturers in your area. This can boost your local economy and create stronger relationships, therefore, enhancing your network.

Getting involved with eco-themed events is a smart way to create partnerships in your area, as well as to spread the word of these sustainable practices. They are a great way of keeping the message fresh in the minds of the staff and the community around you. You can also organize contests where the most environmentally responsible employees can win prizes, praise, and recognition.

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