MAYO’s Very Own Beach Clean Up Event

There has never been a recorded attempt at the world’s largest spelling of “NO PLANET B” using human bodies, according to Carrie Mayo, founder and creative director of MAYO Designs. With an estimated 500 people attending a beach cleanup at York Long Sands Beach on Monday, Sept. 23, Mayo hopes that a new world record for the largest spelling of the saying may be set.

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York Ready For 100% Lays Out Its Next Steps

York Ready for 100% is indeed ready to continue our efforts to confront, reduce and manage the effects of climate change on our town and our lives. This column has been absent over the last month while we reviewed our progress on engaging the community and developing programs to take us toward the goal of 100% clean, renewable energy for the town by 2030 and for heat and transportation by 2050.

Follow Carrie On Her Journey

On September 29, 2019, I began a 6 month road trip. I am traveling across the country in a Chevy Road Trek Van that I moved into with my dog, Summer! My home-on-wheels has a total living space of 96 sq. feet. Although that may seem small to some, it is amazingly comfortable and has all the amenities I am accustomed to. I have an indoor and outdoor shower, a 2 burner stove, a sink with running water, a toilet that flushes, a generator for back up power, a refrigerator, an AC, a solar-powered back-up battery pack, seats that swivel and convert into a “living room” and a TON of storage. I’m making sure that my travel plans are not too rigid. Generally speaking, I’m avoiding highways and taking as many back roads I can find!

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Green Business Bureau Features: MAYO Designs

MAYO Designs is a web design and marketing firm that believes in making the world a better place. Through their philosophy of being purpose-driven, passion-fueled, and people-oriented, they help companies build strategies, attract customers, and convert sales. It can be challenging to effectively scale impact and see the results in revenue when juggling so many moving parts and bringing green business products and services to the market, and this is where MAYO comes in. By partnering with their clients to drive optimal impact, the

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Successful Marketing On LinkedIn

There are more than 450 million professionals on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to network, find new clients, or build your brand awareness, successful marketing on LinkedIn can help you reach your goals. Get started today with these quick tips on LinkedIn marketing.

1) Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile will be the viewer’s first impression of your brand. Your profile should answer the question, “Can I work with this person?” in the affirmative. Add new skills and achievements, and showcase your work with your profile. Make sure the profile is complete.

2) Create a Company Page

LinkedIn company pages are free to anyone who has a business. Creating one will give your brand a more robust online presence.

3) Define Your Goals and Audience

Is your goal to market a particular widget to social media managers? You’ll want to search for people with “social media manager” in their titles and connect with them.

4) SEO

Optimize your company page for search by inserting relevant keywords, linking your personal and company profiles, and by sharing relevant articles and information with your audience.

5) Increase Company Page Followers

The more company page followers you have, the greater your brand reach. When you publish posts on LinkedIn, your company page followers will have those updates sent directly to their feeds.

6) Publish Engaging Content

The more relevant, engaging content you publish, the more your audience will begin to see you as a thought leader and influencer in your industry.

7) Use LinkedIn Ads for Successful Marketing on LinkedIn

It takes a while to get noticed and build a following organically on LinkedIn. While methods one through six are highly effective and free ways to market in LinkedIn, they require a lot of patience and care. With LinkedIn ads, you can build relationships, awareness, and gather leads more quickly.

What Can You Do Next?

Consider reaching out to an experienced marketing company to manage your LinkedIn leads, and keep these tips in mind for successful marketing on LinkedIn. Contact us for a quick discussion around your LinkedIn strategy.

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7 Businesses Using Sustainability In Their Strategy 

A sustainable business isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for everyone. At MAYO Designs, we value social responsibility. So let’s take a look at a few of the best businesses using sustainability in their strategy now.

1) Whole Foods

Grocery giant Whole Foods has taken a number of steps towards sustainability, such as working with organic farmers, eliminating plastic packaging where possible, and educating local residents about the importance of a green future.

2) Starbucks

Starbucks has taken action to sustain the environment by creating more eco-conscious, efficient stores, utilizing recyclable packaging, and investing in renewable energy.

3) Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s also uses sustainability in its strategy, including removing 4 million pounds of plastic packaging from stores, donating more than $370 million in food instead of wasting it, and creating more efficient, eco-friendly stores.

4) Method 

Method is a company dedicated to creating biodegradable, eco-friendly house cleaning products which ensure we can keep our homes clean – as well as our environment.

5) Gucci 

Luxury brand Gucci has taken many steps towards sustainability in recent days, unveiling a 10-year plan to help to protect the environment, build social change, and reduce the environmental impact of its clothing.

6) Chipotle 

Fast-casual chain Chipotle has sustainability practices including advocacy for environmental policy, using organic/non-GMO ingredients when possible, and sourcing responsibly crafted foods.

7) IKEA 

IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer, has invested millions of dollars in solar panels and renewable energy, and plans to be fully powered by green energy by 2020. It also sources about 50% of its wood from sustainable forests.

Work with a sustainability marketing team! 

As these companies show, sustainability can be a powerful way to boost your marketing and advertising efforts. Want to learn more about sustainability? Want to work with the happiest marketing team imaginable that loves working with sustainable businesses, and uses sustainability in its everyday activities? Contact MAYO Designs now.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Events 

Facebook Events can be a powerful marketing tool for your organization and its events. In this article, we’ll show you just a few of the reasons that you should use Facebook Events as part of your marketing strategy.

1) You Can Answer Questions

One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook Events is that it makes it easy for you to connect with potential attendees and answer their questions about the event, your company, and any other information they may want – in an organic, easy-to-understand way.

2) It’s Easy To Invite People And Spread The Word 

Facebook Events can spread very quickly as attendees invite others, or those near the event get notifications about friends who are attending or interested in your event – ensuring that your event is displayed to those who are the most likely to come!

3) Accurate Headcount

Based on how many people are interested or say they are coming to your event, you can get a better understanding of how many folks will be attending, and plan accordingly. Combined with other metrics for measuring attendance, like ticket sales, this can help you get valuable data about your event, which can be used in the future.

4) Event Reminders

When an attendee says they’re coming to an event, they will automatically get event reminders from Facebook when the event is near, which ensures that they remember the event – and make the time to attend. You can even send out reminders yourself

Incorporate Facebook Events Into Your Strategy – Enjoy All These Benefits & More 

As you can see, Facebook Events can be an easy and powerful way to reach customers organically, and reach more people with your marketing messages. Start thinking about your upcoming events, and reach out to us if using Facebook Events at your own organization might be the path forward for you.

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10 Simple, Yet Genius Marketing Campaigns

Experience taught us that simpler marketing ideas will always be more effective. Here are 10 great examples of genius marketing campaigns to inspire your own strategies.

 1) Deez Nuts from Frontier

The ‘Deez Nuts’ meme was, at one point, EVERYWHERE. But look at how Frontier Airlines took it and created a simple campaign. 


It can be difficult for NGOs to compete with big corporations in the realm of advertising, but WATERisLIFE sure didn’t have a problem with its #FirstWorldProblems video.

3) #CrockPotIsInnocent

Sometimes, a popular TV show can cause a PR nightmare for your brand, which is exactly what Crock-Pot could have experienced after a particular episode of This is Us involving a defective pot. But it didn’t.

4) Beanz Everywhere

When Heinz launched a new product called Five Beanz, they also created a fun personality test people could take to find out which bean they are.

5) Celebrating Love

When the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in every state, celebrations obviously ensued. And certain brands like Visa joined in on the celebration.

6) Dream Crazier

Nike launched this ad with fan-fave Serena Williams about the double standard in sport, and it was a power move that’s still being talked about.

7) We Believe

With this ad, Gillette wanted to pass down some lessons to their audience. And boy, were we waiting for it!

8) American Express and Tina Fey

How to promote a new card? You get Tina Fey to record some video messages congratulating you on ‘adulting’, that’s how!

9) Deadpool

Remember when Deadpool hijacked 16 DVD movies at Walmart? Yeah, well it really made an impact.

10) #threehousetuesdays

Airbnb got people really excited about their services when they started doing the #treehousetuesdays posts on Instagram.

Do you have an idea for a great campaign? Does your brand need to liven itself up with fresh new marketing ideas from a team with a fresh perspective? MAYO Designs can help you strategize your next move and roadmap the marketing strategy that will work for your organization. See what we can help you with