A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Successful Marketing On LinkedIn
October 3
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A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Successful Marketing On LinkedIn

There are more than 450 million professionals on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to network, find new clients, or build your brand awareness, successful marketing on LinkedIn can help you reach your goals. Get started today with these quick tips on LinkedIn marketing.

1) Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile will be the viewer’s first impression of your brand. Your profile should answer the question, “Can I work with this person?” in the affirmative. Add new skills and achievements, and showcase your work with your profile. Make sure the profile is complete.

2) Create a Company Page

LinkedIn company pages are free to anyone who has a business. Creating one will give your brand a more robust online presence.

3) Define Your Goals and Audience

Is your goal to market a particular widget to social media managers? You’ll want to search for people with “social media manager” in their titles and connect with them.

4) SEO

Optimize your company page for search by inserting relevant keywords, linking your personal and company profiles, and by sharing relevant articles and information with your audience.

5) Increase Company Page Followers

The more company page followers you have, the greater your brand reach. When you publish posts on LinkedIn, your company page followers will have those updates sent directly to their feeds.

6) Publish Engaging Content

The more relevant, engaging content you publish, the more your audience will begin to see you as a thought leader and influencer in your industry.

7) Use LinkedIn Ads for Successful Marketing on LinkedIn

It takes a while to get noticed and build a following organically on LinkedIn. While methods one through six are highly effective and free ways to market in LinkedIn, they require a lot of patience and care. With LinkedIn ads, you can build relationships, awareness, and gather leads more quickly.

What Can You Do Next?

Consider reaching out to an experienced marketing company to manage your LinkedIn leads, and keep these tips in mind for successful marketing on LinkedIn. Contact us for a quick discussion around your LinkedIn strategy.

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