Creating a sustainable future for generations to come may seem like a daunting task, but everyday it’s getting easier to make environmentally conscious decisions.

As we learn more about how the environment is being negatively impacted by certain behaviors, we are coming up with new eco-friendly ideas and sustainable products. With large markets and growing demand for environmentally conscious products, it can be confusing what brands to trust or even where to start looking.

I want you to know that it’s ok to start off slow and transition one common product at a time to something more sustainable. I am the first one to tell you that becoming more environmentally conscious is a life-style, and lifestyle changes take time. It’s also important to note that you should first use up your current products before purchasing new alternatives. Once you run out of a product, the next one can be a switch. With that said, let’s look at some products that we typically use in everyday routines.

Let us start in the kitchen. What do you do with your kitchen scraps? Did you know you can enrich your garden soil and reduce trash at the same time? Composting is when you throw scraps of food such as unused fruit and veggie peels or egg-shells into a container to decompose in a controlled way. The scraps break down and can be mixed with your soil to enrich it and help your plants thrive. While you’re out in your garden or wherever you may get thirsty, invest in a reusable water bottle instead of grabbing a plastic water bottle. A reusable water bottle isn’t just a trend but also a smart move as it will reduce the number of plastic bottles you spend money on – saving the Earth and your wallet.

There are so many items that can be used as more enviro friendly in the kitchen. Next time you need to resupply household essentials such as cleaning supplies or food preservation items, look into sustainable alternatives. Beyond is a brand of natural cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, dryer sheets, and more. Another great sustainable product that is worth looking into is beeswax food wraps. Beeswax food wraps are reusable, washable, sheets made from a cotton fabric with food-grade beeswax, again saving your money too.

Although these are amazing alternatives and I have many more products to recommend, I do want to take a minute to say that certain shipping materials such as plastics are not eco-friendly. Doesn’t that kind contradict this whole idea of purchasing sustainable products for the health of the world? Amazon is aware of their impact and they are here to help. Here’s how to shop online and stay environmentally friendly:

  • Open your Amazon account
  • Navigate to the customer service tab
  • Scroll down to ‘Browse Help Topics’
  • Click on ‘Need More Help?’ and then go to ‘Contact Us’ on the right
  • Click on the ‘Start Chatting Now’ option
  • Once connected, please ask for help from an associate. Then, request any and all future orders to be plastic-free, to be packed with minimal packaging, and when necessary to only use degradable packing materials such as paper.
  • The associate will save these settings for all future orders for your account.

Products and packing are not the only ways Amazon is helping to create a sustainable future; they have several other sustainability programs and they highlight green products that could help you save energy at home.

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