Work with us - we've got a lot to offer.

When you partner with MAYO Designs, you'll be able to take on projects you wouldn't have been able to before.

We're there to support your digital marketing needs every step of the way. During the different stages of the sales process, we will help you in the following ways:


  • * Participate in scoping and assessment meetings
  • * Gain an understanding of client needs and vision
  • * Deliver initial designs based on goals, needs and budget
  • * Support your sales team during presentations when required
  • * Offer on-site presence when required



  • * Offer guidance to client during the project
  • * Work with your development team during the project
  • * Refine original designs as necessary
  • * Meet pre-defined timelines and milestones
  • * Offer on-site presence when required (we have remote capability!)
  • * Ensure your site is optimized 24/7 with constant maintenance monitoring and other tools

Post Sales

  • * Ensure client satisfaction
  • * Offer ongoing support
  • * Offer feedback to your sales & development team on future work
  • * Provide video training for anything you need help with
  • * Provide routine reporting of your web traffic and security - every month!
  • * Perform site security audits
  • * Perform routine site backups


What Our Partners Are Saying:

"Carrie and her team provide superb work for our clients and I strongly recommend her firm."

"Thank YOU and your team for a great delivery! I’ve shared our recent success, officially putting your company on the list of trusted vendors. You’ll be hearing from us again soon, and it shouldn’t be in fire drill format. I really appreciate your willingness to step up for a not-so-fun time frame."