Our core values have truly shaped the culture here at MAYO Designs.

Defining our core values has ensured that our team is working toward the same goal, and shares a common purpose. We’ve learned (first hand) that prioritizing a purpose not only improves employee satisfaction and increases motivation, it also enhances the work we do with our clients. With these values, we’ve also learned that it’s extremely important to have a life/work balance (you might be wondering why we put life ‘over’ work…watch this video that inspired us). We do find that a life/work balance creates a happier workforce, increases productivity, and improves our health and well-being.


We find that showing compassion towards people (appreciation and gratitude) can go a long way, especially in the workplace. We also find that having a passion is what drives our purpose–it makes our every day work much more meaningful.

Continuous Improvement

Our team oozes possibilities. In this ever-changing industry, we're constantly learning and tuning our skills. For us, continuous improvement also comes with recognizing and identifying areas in which we can improve our delivered services. Which brings us to our next core value...quality.


Quality for team MAYO means many things. We strive to provide high quality finished products and services to each of our clients. With this, comes unmatched communication, transparency and appreciation.

Do our core values align with yours?