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Pointe Place, a contemporary mixed used community located in Dover, NH, was dealing with a challenge we see all the time: an MIA designer. They really wanted to take their brand image to the next level, ensuring it reflected the brand they were evolving into, but couldn’t get a call back from their trusted contractor.

Their logo was outdated. Their overall brand image wasn’t communicating their core messaging. Their marketing materials didn’t speak to their audience. When trying to take the lead on creating their new logo, brochure, website, they felt defeated and unsure how to move forward.


After reaching out to their network, they came across our team to help dive into their branding challenges. Immediately we identified the missing elements of their brand imaging. Working alongside the Pointe Place’s leadership team, we took the lead on creating a modern logo that reflects the community they were cultivating.


Through design, we were able to capture the vision of the organization and ensure it was executed in every visual element of their marketing. Now the Pointe Place team confidently presents their brand to their community knowing it represents their overall vision, mission, and purpose.

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