We’ve hit 20 years in business! 

Where do we even begin when it comes to reflecting on the last two decades?
Let’s start with you… 

1) Our Clients – We would not be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you for working with us – whether you are new to our family or have been with us from the very start, we appreciate the relationship that we’ve built with you.

2) Our Team – For the first 10 or so years, Carrie did everything: design, management, coding, support, billing, etc. Now, we operate with a team of six full-time employees in addition to support teams we’ve accrued through our network.

3) Our Niche – We went from delivering services to just about anyone to serving a community of businesses who have a greater purpose. We are proud to work with you because of your impact on the community around you.

4) Our Commitment – After redefining our niche, we also made the commitment to increasing awareness and educating the public on social, environmental and economical sustainable brands and companies that make better happen.

5) Our Work Environment – MAYO Designs started out in a small office in York, ME. In 2015, when a new partnership was developed, MAYO moved to a shared space in Portsmouth, NH. Since Carrie has instilled balance into our lives, we also work from home two days a week. (Since COVID-19 hit, however, we’ve been 100% remote.)

20 Year Reflection by Founder & Creative Director, Carrie Mayo

6) Our Education – The marketing, management and digital spaces are always evolving and our team knows it. We each have a passion to continue to learn, grow and refine skills. On any given day, Carrie has herself enrolled in a new course or leadership program. These opportunities have given our team valuable insights and kept our services on the edge of technology (if we do say so ourselves).

7) Our Events – Beginning in 2018, we started to host events, not for our clients but for ourselves! We’ve put on a Sustainable Environment Summit, three beach clean ups and have hosted service day events. We also now host regular webinars – sharing insights and best practices from our team to yours.

8) Our Team Mentality – If you haven’t guessed it already, we all LOVE what we do and who we do it with. Our team is made up of individuals who support one another inside and outside of work. This has only grown as we add new team members.

9) Our Growth as Superheroes – Since each of us started with the company, we were tasked to choose a superhero that best resembles who we are. (We’ve even marked Thursdays as a day we collectively wear our respective superhero shirts.) Thanks to Carrie’s leadership, all of us on Team MAYO are encouraged to continue growing personally and professionally, enhancing our abilities as a team of superheroes.

10) Our Celebrations – Looking back on the last 20 years, MAYO Designs has had a lot of accomplishments. Today we cheers each other from afar while we paddle around York in kayaks.

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