How marketing roadmapping helps
clarify your goals and achieve results.


New England Patriots Alumni Club (NEPAC) is a non-profit providing opportunity for former Patriot players to remain connected with one another. However, they were only reaching out to their networks when scheduled events were approaching. Communication was scattered and strategy was lacking for fostering continuous engagement and connection among their community. They were following a “last minute marketing” approach where everything was being planned and executed in real time.

When hosting events, they would approach sponsorship and event communications as the need arose. Content was lengthy, flat and unpositioned, while their website remained inaccessible for various devices. At the time, NEPAC was also in need of someone to manage their social media platforms, and find areas for opportunity there.


The organization was in desperate need of a marketing team that would help them shine as a leader for keeping their community connected.

We entered with a plan of action for amplifying their marketing. This included developing a detailed and effective approach for planning and executing events, developing engaging and relevant content that empowered readers to take action, and updating their websites' hosting and design.

While creating a marketing roadmap, we look to the previous fiscal year to analyze successes, challenges, and learning opportunities to create goals for the year ahead. This provides us with the information we need to implement metrics to achieve results.

Our goals included:

  • Developing consistent branding materials, including graphics, content, and brand activation pieces.
  • Updating their website to provide value to sponsors with online visibility, and gamification features to engage their community, such as online raffles.
  • Enhancing their overall digital presence on social media platforms.
  • Tracking and analyzing performance of every moving piece to ensure we were moving in the right direction.

After undergoing our roadmapping process, New England Patriots Alumni Club is now sending out consistent and value-driven content to their community on social media and email communication, has a detailed schedule of all tasks leading up to events, and a team they can rely on for forecasting and roadmapping their future engagement and growth. The organization has seen a significant increase in engagement, and have simplified their event processes to relieve the stress of event planning. Over the course of 3 years, we've seen impressive results:

  • Overall organic website traffic has increased by 175%
  • Website traffic generated from social media has increased by 645%
  • Total users (new and returning) have increased by 66.2%

In need of consistent branding assets and efficiency in your marketing?

Getting stuck in “last minute marketing” can often put a strain on the core messaging of your brand. Let’s chat about how our marketing roadmap process can bring clarity to your marketing and lead you towards growth year after year.

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