This webinar helped all attendees sharpen their image amongst their competition.

In this high-utility training, green business guru Tom Permatteo (CEO of Green Business Bureau) expanded on practical tools that can easily enable companies to put a focus on sustainability and provide a simple framework for "going green". The sky's the limit when a company is fueled by passion.

Tom also demonstrated that environmentally-sound businesses are about more than doing the right thing; they experience a positive impact that sustainability brings to their bottom line profitability. After this transformative session, business leaders were equipped to harness the power of technology to create long-term green initiatives and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability. Webinar participants emerged reinvigorated and ready to make their companies more sustainable.

To top it off, Green Business Bureau offered their EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools to all attendees for 30 days.

We also dove into how to:

Highlight the Passion of Your Core Values
Track Green Initiatives
Prioritize & Plan Green Initiatives
Use Our Customer-Oriented Online Application

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