Aiming to make our world a better place.

Built on the passion and commitment of a more sustainable future, MAYO Designs actively gives back. By lending, donating and volunteering, we stand behind and support organizations that have a sustainable cause. We have a strong desire to share our passion of giving back and working toward a sustainable life. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to recognize the impact they can have on our world and community.


Every 2 weeks MAYO Designs joins 1.7 million people in lending to an international non-profit organization, called Kiva. Because of our clients and their commitment to us, we are able to do this type of give back and support 26 individuals and groups around the world, each year. View our kiva portfolio here.

To learn more about Kiva please visit their website:


Each year our team partners with a local organization and adopts a family for the holidays. Each year we look forward to brightening the holiday season for a family in need. Beyond the feel-good endeavor, we are glad and appreciative that we are able to impact other lives during the season of giving.


Over the years, MAYO Designs has participated and organized events for numerous clients. Whether we are donating time, knowledge, or materials, we’re eager to lend a helping hand. This is not only a great chance for us to provide support, but it also allows us to learn, stay involved in the community, and continue to be an extension of our client’s team.