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Exploring the idea of hosting a virtual event to grow and scale your business... but you don't know what steps to take? Don't reinvent the wheel when the framework already exists.

During this workshop webinar, we rolled our sleeves up and taught attendees how to plan, execute, and follow up with those who attend and/or no-showed their virtual event.

We host our own webinars and manage successful webinars for our clients and we have figured out how to simplify this marketing engine. I wanted our attendees to leave feeling as though they have all the tools to launch their own webinar in less than 3 days! Most companies know that hosting a virtual webinar is a great way to drive sales but often get stuck in HOW to create, launch it, and stay on top of nurturing.

Special Offering: All attendees qualified for our FREE Guide to Launching a Webinar, focusing on converting your visitors into leads and customers.

Attendees walked away from this webinar with further knowledge on how to create and manage a successful virtual event. Our top suggestions we discussed were to:

Create a hot topic...this is KEY - make sure it’s relevant and engaging to your target audience
Determine whether or not the topic will be best suited with a co-presenter
Get the whole team on board to promote the event, share it on all available avenues and ask partners if they’re willing to share!
Put together an offering or giveaway for attendees to have access to
Outline a follow up plan to make sure you stay in contact with registrants who attended your webinar and those who no-showed
Repeat! Allow your online event process to become second nature to you and your team.

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