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How to Successfully Host and Promote a Virtual Event

online event

Exploring the idea of hosting a virtual event to grow and scale your business... but you don't know what steps to take? Don't reinvent the wheel when the framework already exists.

During this workshop webinar, we rolled our sleeves up and taught attendees how to plan, execute, and follow up with those who attend and/or no-showed their virtual event.

We host our own webinars and manage successful webinars for our clients and we have figured out how to simplify this marketing engine. I wanted our attendees to leave feeling as though they have all the tools to launch their own webinar in less than 3 days! Most companies know that hosting a virtual webinar is a great way to drive sales but often get stuck in HOW to create, launch it, and stay on top of nurturing.

Special Offering: All attendees qualified for our FREE Guide to Launching a Webinar, focusing on converting your visitors into leads and customers.

Attendees walked away from this webinar with further knowledge on how to create and manage a successful virtual event. Our top suggestions we discussed were to:

Create a hot topic...this is KEY - make sure it’s relevant and engaging to your target audience
Determine whether or not the topic will be best suited with a co-presenter
Get the whole team on board to promote the event, share it on all available avenues and ask partners if they’re willing to share!
Put together an offering or giveaway for attendees to have access to
Outline a follow up plan to make sure you stay in contact with registrants who attended your webinar and those who no-showed
Repeat! Allow your online event process to become second nature to you and your team.

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marketing webinar

Gaining a Competitive Advantage With Sustainable Business Practices

This webinar helped all attendees sharpen their image amongst their competition.

In this high-utility training, green business guru Tom Permatteo (CEO of Green Business Bureau) expanded on practical tools that can easily enable companies to put a focus on sustainability and provide a simple framework for "going green". The sky's the limit when a company is fueled by passion.

Tom also demonstrated that environmentally-sound businesses are about more than doing the right thing; they experience a positive impact that sustainability brings to their bottom line profitability. After this transformative session, business leaders were equipped to harness the power of technology to create long-term green initiatives and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability. Webinar participants emerged reinvigorated and ready to make their companies more sustainable.

To top it off, Green Business Bureau offered their EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools to all attendees for 30 days.

We also dove into how to:

Highlight the Passion of Your Core Values
Track Green Initiatives
Prioritize & Plan Green Initiatives
Use Our Customer-Oriented Online Application

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Unlocking Marketing Opportunities During This Time

Marketing to the right people, the right way will get
people talking about YOU...
your products, your services, and your company.

During this webinar, attendees learned the importance of delivering compelling content to the right audience by "mapping out" a system to reach the opportunities that lay before you within your target market.

To us, marketing is not only a great way to engage customers but it is a great way to create a community. Carrie Mayo guided attendees through a proven marketing strategy that we use as our guide to gain momentum and attract leads for our business.

We also offered a FREE 30-minute consultation with Carrie, and our FREE marketing framework, to all attendees.

Specifically, all attendees took a hard look at:

Identifying your market
Gaining traction
Building authority
Scaling your business
sustainable marketing

Build Your Marketing Muscle During This Time

During this webinar, we discussed the importance of setting a strong online marketing foundation throughout a crisis.

“Business as usual” has somewhat developed a new meaning throughout the first few months of 2020, and working from home is the new normal. In addition, buyers are now being forced to make purchasing decisions with an entirely new outlook.

Because of this, companies are suddenly realizing that it’s important to have a proactive marketing plan in place to adjust and manage a brand through a crisis. To support this, we hosted a discussion on this topic on April 21, and walk through the steps to create a successful marketing plan.

We’re here to help you leverage the digital landscape to actively and appropriately promote your business. If you don’t already have a strategy in place, now is a great opportunity to create a robust, content marketing plan.

We want to help during this uncertain time. We offered all attendees FREE 30-minute consultations with our digital marketing experts and our FREE step by step guide to planning your content strategy.

During this webinar, we focused on:

Providing authentic content
Boosting morale with employees
Improving your website visibility {7 point web-audit}
Leveraging employees to participate in marketing
Continuing to interact with your audience
Setting up for the future

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