Case Study: MAYO Secures And Cleans Up A Solar Company’s Website

Performance and security meet green business leadership.


Spectrum Energy is an innovative solar company that needed a marketing team that could keep up with their impact. After tirelessly searching for referrals to find a team that fit their niche, they were connected to us through a like-minded organization of green business thought leaders.

Spectrum was challenged by spam attacking their contact forms, a lack of site security, and lack of access to the back-end of their website.


After performing a thorough analysis and taking inventory of their web assets, we were able to address multiple small issues that were leading to larger challenges affecting the accessibility of their website:

  • Migrated the website to a more efficient and safe host
  • Updated and secured forms
  • Connected Google Analytics
  • Increased loading speed
  • Heightened password protection
  • Cleaned up their WordPress theme and excess plugins

Spectrum Energy no longer has a spam attacking issue in their contact forms. Their website is fully secure, backed by MAYO’s hosting services. Spectrum now feels confident that their site is continuously maintained for efficiency and safety.

Securing your website is just as crucial as living your core values.

Let’s address your hosting and maintenance issues so we can implement solutions that allow your website to perform at your level of impact.

Case Study: MAYO Efficiently Solves Coding And Migration Issues

Efficient problem solving for tricky coding
and migration issues.


A consultant that helps spa owners reach their full potential in customer service, sales, and marketing reached out to us with some challenges. When the client approached us, they were struggling with three websites they were managing that were on proprietary software that wouldn’t migrate to another platform.

After trying to mitigate the sites themselves with the help of their current developer, they were left with three broken websites that seemed impossible to fix. The client was devastated thinking they would have to put in more time to redo everything from scratch–until they came across our team.


As efficiently as possible, we were able to migrate the websites off of the current software and get them running on our website hosting platform, while maintaining the current design.

We were able to show them how integrated the website was with the current software and every step we took in the process to make magic happen.


Our passion for problem solving led to this client to save thousands of dollars up front, and even save on monthly hosting and maintenance fees.

Troubled by a pesky coding issue that is giving you pain in your back-end?

Give us a call and we’ll work out the kinks.