Your website functionality does NOT stop at design.

It's important to have a true understanding of the health of your website.

You may already be aware that your website needs to be cleaned up. Maybe payments aren't going through or some other functionality is broken. Or, maybe you're simply not happy with your current web service.

A healthy website ensures everything runs smoothly and no functionality is broken.

Think of the back-end of your website like the chaotic display of chefs, waiters, and dishwashers in a restaurant kitchen. Imagine them all frantically running in circles to ensure service is delivered timely and efficiently.

If just one person drops the ball–say plates aren’t cleaned for the next set of orders, or a sous chef overcooks a steak–that organized chaos just becomes chaos.

...Don’t let your website turn into a display of bad restaurant service.

We are the Gordan Ramsey in smoothing back-end website operations. We ease the pain of hours of Googling DIY strategies to clean-up and update your site by taking the lead. We also explain what we’re doing in your fluent language so you're always in the loop about all of the updates that we make.

Ensure your site is always in good health and performing gracefully.

Our back-end assessment and action reporting services:

Wordpress Health Check
Theme updates and security, third-party integrations (like social media, Amazon, and all the widgets you need to lead your business), and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Site Monitoring
Enabling security subscriptions, monitoring of suspicious activity, locking out potential hackers, uptime, and file change detection with online file comparisons.
Performance Audit
Step-by-step guide to identifying and fixing issues that bog down your site.
Settings Audit
Securing your template layout, formatting and sizing features, site language, and how your website engages your audience through forms, blogs, and media.
Regular Backups
Daily, weekly, and monthly backups to prevent data loss.
Site maintenance includes theme, plugin, and form updates to improve performance and prevent security breaches.
SEO Checklist
Google sitemap and Google analytics.
Base Checklist
Base URL, favicon, placeholder Images, contact Information, copyright info, site logo and email addresses

Are you curious to know how well your website is currently performing online?

Connect with us for a sample report of how this all comes together.