The Value Of Interactive Content: How To ENGAGE With Your Customers, Community & Connections

In marketing, and specifically in HOW you spend your time's ALL about providing true value!!!

Interactive content is important for so many businesses because it offers a higher likelihood of engagement with your audience...which in turn helps your business!

Here’s the thing, we didn't recreate the wheel during this webinar…we stuck to the principles to help you build a strong foundation.

There are many, many ways to generate interactive content including motion graphics, infographics, contests, polls, and one of my favorites is videos! (Psst, here is a secret…MOST people fear getting behind a video, so if you're one of those, you are NOT alone.) So, I am here to tell you that whether it’s a video or another method of content that is intentionally interactive, chances are your engagement WILL increase.

On September 17th, we walked all attendees through strategies we use with our clients to engage their audience on their websites, social media profiles, blog articles, email newsletters, and more.

Special Offering: All attendees qualified for a FREE 30-minute consultation with Carrie.

Have you ever heard of Simon Sinek and his famous What's Your "Why" philosophy?! If not, it's a really good question to ask yourself when embarking on a new project or strategy.

Here is WHY interactive content is so important.

You will be providing a better user experience
It equates to more sharing & engagement
People will recognize your brand
Your lead generation will increase

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Off-Grid Living

Written by Carrie Mayo (owner and creative director of MAYO Designs)

For those of you who don’t know, 10 months ago I sold my house and began living in my van. Long story short, I was on the road for 6 months, traveling across the US exploring beautiful places, meeting amazing people, and learning a ton!

Fast forward to today, and I still live in my van, on a piece of land that I bought on a beautiful pond in Maine.

Looking back even 2 years ago, the commitment that I have to our environment has grown significantly. I have been super mindful about the products I purchase since I moved on to my property because it’s become even more obvious to me the waste that I’m creating.

At this point, I would say that I am (about) 95% off the grid (I am still buying groceries, propane, and gas). My ultimate goal is to minimize my footprint and reduce the amount of waste that I generate.

Here’s what I’ve done on my property so far to make it my new home…

  • I installed a mailbox (on the main road which is 0.5 mile from my property)
  • I have a 6×5 shack to store my belongings (which I’m going to fix up with new siding…I bought an old icehouse that my neighbor had)
  • I have a well and I now have fresh water!!!
  • I bought a 3 bay stainless steel sink to do my dishes and laundry
  • I have a washboard and a laundry wringer hand crank
  • I have hung a clothesline
  • I have the cutest chicken coop and 3 chickens…I even put an addition on their house!
  • I have 2 solar panels to power and outdoor office space
  • I have an outdoor shower with an instant hot water heater powered by propane
  • I started to make an outdoor kitchen for my 2 burner stove and small grill held up on a table with tree stumps legs
  • I bought a 13×13 army tent that is shaped like an octagon so I can have guests camp out and also use it to store my gear

I am currently working on an application for a building permit. I intend to build a 600 square ft. off-the-grid house this year. Let the next adventures continue! =)

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Marketing Your Green Initiatives

One of the biggest trends in 21st century business is a pivot towards green business practices, from sustainable production and ethical sourcing to offsetting carbon production. While there’s argument as to whether going green will rectify the damage done to the environment since the Industrial Revolution, people are realizing that something has to change on every level, from personal consumption to businesses and governments.

In addition to helping keep humanity alive, shifting to sustainable business practices can also lead to significant marketing wins. But it’s not as easy as slapping a recycling logo on a trash can. Customers expect companies to materially commit to improving the environment, and will deeply scrutinize your efforts. A 2019 study by Hotwire found that 47% of respondents had cut ties with a brand after it violated one of their personal values, and on the list of those values protecting the environment came in #1.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you bring your company into the new green age. Taken from personal experiences and case studies of dozens of firms that successfully implemented environmentally responsible policies, these simple guidelines can form the base of your transition plan.

The Do’s

DO make sustainability a key tenet of your corporate identity. At every point on your supply and production chain, ensure that ethical sourcing, responsible waste management and respectful use of natural resources are key drivers of decisions. Integrating these practices closely into your normal business flow will help them feel natural.

DO task a “green team” with learning about and communicating these measures both inside and outside the company. Raising awareness of how your organization is embracing going green will not only deliver good PR but also keep your efforts honest. A dedicated group of staff to manage these communications will keep messaging clear and cohesive.

DO keep your audience informed on your company’s push towards sustainable business practices. Instead of generic platitudes, use this as an opportunity to tell your personal story, being transparent about environmental impacts and how you work to reduce them. Making them feel like part of the effort will give them a feeling of connectedness and ownership.

DO opt for green marketing using digital methods. One of the ways nearly every company can reduce their environmental footprint is eschewing the use of physical media for marketing. Instead of brochures, stickers, flyers and signs, communicate through email marketing, social media and other paper and plastic-free paths.

DO seek certification from a reputable green business authority to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Multiple groups offer third-party recognition of companies looking to adhere to strict environmental standards. One of note is the Green Business Bureau. This globally recognized self-certification program works across multiple levels to recognize improvements and build a pathway to environmental citizenship and stewardship.

The Don’ts

DON’T “greenwash.” Customers can easily see through PR initiatives that use environmental responsibility as a cover story. Every action that your company takes as part of its green initiative should have a documented benefit to the environment, not just be used for making you look good.

DON’T make false claims. Launching an environmental initiative will put your company under scrutiny, and it only takes one enterprising reporter to find out that your much-lauded pivot to sustainability is just a greenwash. Carefully document and be ready to back up every step you take.

DON’T use your green business practices as a way to denigrate your competition or other companies. Healing the environment is a collaborative mission that will take the united effort of the entire planet to accomplish. Tearing down the other guys doesn’t help you project that message and could alienate customers.

DON’T try to transform your company overnight. Real change requires careful planning and evaluation. Bringing your organization in line with environmentally sound practices should be done in stages, so you can evaluate the internal response, bring stragglers on board and adapt your process for the next round.

Of course, just reading a list of do’s and don’ts isn’t going to be enough to set your company on the right path. We encourage you to join our webinar on July 22nd where we’ll delve deeper into each of these points, delivering real-world examples and actionable solutions to help you craft the perfect plan of action to create and market your green initiatives. To register, click here.

marketing webinar

The Do’s And Don’ts Of “Going Green”

When adopting sustainable practices in the workplace, it can often feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you get started and to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Once you have a grasp on the do’s and the don’ts of going green, you’ll be able to quickly establish an action plan for you and your team. This discussion consisted of Carrie Mayo and Tom Permatteo giving their suggestions and personal experiences on implementing sustainability into their workplace.

Special Offering: All attendees qualified for a FREE consultation with Carrie and Tom, and 30 days access to Green Business Bureau's EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tool.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Carrie and Tom covered:

The Do's

Integrating sustainability into your strategy
Form a green team
Create your content strategy
Get green certified from a reputable authority

The Don'ts

Don't greenwash
Don’t make false claims
Don’t judge others - lead by example
Don’t demand a green overhaul – a phased approach is a great way for people to acclimate

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MAYO Designs Hits 20 Years In Business

We’ve hit 20 years in business! 

Where do we even begin when it comes to reflecting on the last two decades?
Let’s start with you… 

1) Our Clients – We would not be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you for working with us – whether you are new to our family or have been with us from the very start, we appreciate the relationship that we’ve built with you.

2) Our Team – For the first 10 or so years, Carrie did everything: design, management, coding, support, billing, etc. Now, we operate with a team of six full-time employees in addition to support teams we’ve accrued through our network.

3) Our Niche – We went from delivering services to just about anyone to serving a community of businesses who have a greater purpose. We are proud to work with you because of your impact on the community around you.

4) Our Commitment – After redefining our niche, we also made the commitment to increasing awareness and educating the public on social, environmental and economical sustainable brands and companies that make better happen.

5) Our Work Environment – MAYO Designs started out in a small office in York, ME. In 2015, when a new partnership was developed, MAYO moved to a shared space in Portsmouth, NH. Since Carrie has instilled balance into our lives, we also work from home two days a week. (Since COVID-19 hit, however, we’ve been 100% remote.)

20 Year Reflection by Founder & Creative Director, Carrie Mayo

6) Our Education – The marketing, management and digital spaces are always evolving and our team knows it. We each have a passion to continue to learn, grow and refine skills. On any given day, Carrie has herself enrolled in a new course or leadership program. These opportunities have given our team valuable insights and kept our services on the edge of technology (if we do say so ourselves).

7) Our Events – Beginning in 2018, we started to host events, not for our clients but for ourselves! We’ve put on a Sustainable Environment Summit, three beach clean ups and have hosted service day events. We also now host regular webinars – sharing insights and best practices from our team to yours.

8) Our Team Mentality – If you haven’t guessed it already, we all LOVE what we do and who we do it with. Our team is made up of individuals who support one another inside and outside of work. This has only grown as we add new team members.

9) Our Growth as Superheroes – Since each of us started with the company, we were tasked to choose a superhero that best resembles who we are. (We’ve even marked Thursdays as a day we collectively wear our respective superhero shirts.) Thanks to Carrie’s leadership, all of us on Team MAYO are encouraged to continue growing personally and professionally, enhancing our abilities as a team of superheroes.

10) Our Celebrations – Looking back on the last 20 years, MAYO Designs has had a lot of accomplishments. Today we cheers each other from afar while we paddle around York in kayaks.

marketing webinar

How To Successfully Host And Promote A Virtual Event

online event

Exploring the idea of hosting a virtual event to grow and scale your business... but you don't know what steps to take? Don't reinvent the wheel when the framework already exists.

During this workshop webinar, we rolled our sleeves up and taught attendees how to plan, execute, and follow up with those who attend and/or no-showed their virtual event.

We host our own webinars and manage successful webinars for our clients and we have figured out how to simplify this marketing engine. I wanted our attendees to leave feeling as though they have all the tools to launch their own webinar in less than 3 days! Most companies know that hosting a virtual webinar is a great way to drive sales but often get stuck in HOW to create, launch it, and stay on top of nurturing.

Special Offering: All attendees qualified for our FREE Guide to Launching a Webinar, focusing on converting your visitors into leads and customers.

Attendees walked away from this webinar with further knowledge on how to create and manage a successful virtual event. Our top suggestions we discussed were to:

Create a hot topic...this is KEY - make sure it’s relevant and engaging to your target audience
Determine whether or not the topic will be best suited with a co-presenter
Get the whole team on board to promote the event, share it on all available avenues and ask partners if they’re willing to share!
Put together an offering or giveaway for attendees to have access to
Outline a follow up plan to make sure you stay in contact with registrants who attended your webinar and those who no-showed
Repeat! Allow your online event process to become second nature to you and your team.

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Gaining A Competitive Advantage With Sustainable Business Practices

This webinar helped all attendees sharpen their image amongst their competition.

In this high-utility training, green business guru Tom Permatteo (CEO of Green Business Bureau) expanded on practical tools that can easily enable companies to put a focus on sustainability and provide a simple framework for "going green". The sky's the limit when a company is fueled by passion.

Tom also demonstrated that environmentally-sound businesses are about more than doing the right thing; they experience a positive impact that sustainability brings to their bottom line profitability. After this transformative session, business leaders were equipped to harness the power of technology to create long-term green initiatives and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability. Webinar participants emerged reinvigorated and ready to make their companies more sustainable.

To top it off, Green Business Bureau offered their EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools to all attendees for 30 days.

We also dove into how to:

Highlight the Passion of Your Core Values
Track Green Initiatives
Prioritize & Plan Green Initiatives
Use Our Customer-Oriented Online Application

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Case Study: MAYO Brings A Construction Company’s Web Design Vision To Life

Take the lead in your niche with a
website that communicates your value.


Basnett Design is a building and remodeling company with a green purpose. However, their craftsmanship and extensive experience in building was not being effectively showcased in their online presence.

The Basnett team was interested in updating their website but didn’t know who they should approach to take the lead or how to start the process. What they had was a vision, and luckily that’s all our team needs to get started.


Our Discovery Process dug into Basnett’s core values and competencies, process, current website, and their competitors with an analysis to identify the best approach for highlighting the Basnett brand.

When the Basnett team noticed their competitors had a clear and effective online presence, they started seeing the value in investing in their marketing.


After redesigning and developing Basnett’s website, the team instantly started to receive remarks of praise from their existing clients and new customers began to confidently take action with them online.

Just 6 months after the web redesign launch, the analytics showed a strong increase in engagement:

  • Users were up by 12.65%
  • Total sessions were up by 21.32%
  • Average session duration was up by 91.59%
  • Total page views were up by 57.03 %

Basnett now has a peace of mind knowing that they have a team to consistently monitor, maintain and secure their site.

Confidently lead prospects through to conversion with an updated website that speaks to their needs.