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Presentation is Everything.

An E-commerce website incorporates the functionality to display a Catalogue of Products and accept online Orders & Payments in its web design. {imcd}

E-commerce 101: Elements to Consider:

  • You must have a product or service to offer.
  • You must also have a website url from which to sell your products.
  • You need to market your website & product.
  • You need a way to accept orders. {this is your shopping cart}
  • You need to accept money. {This is your merchant account}
  • You need to deliver the product or service. {UPS, USPS, FeEx, etc…}
  • Returns Policy, Exchanges, etc….
  • Who is Hosting your E-commerce website
  • You will need to Maintain the products, pricing, etc…

Mayodesigns offers affordable database-driven CMS websites for building online webstores with a shopping cart.